Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Battle of the dim-witted now taking place on

ESPN's weak-ass version of a Big Ten blog has recently posted the story about a settlement between West Virginia and Rich-Rod.

But the hilarious part comes below the "story". Fans of both schools have begun the attacks on each other, both bringing the weakest smack-talk I've seen in a long time.

Some examples.....
WVU would destroy UM this year if they played, but UM wont play any non-conf BCS schools, only D-1AA
Apparently this guy thinks that Villanova, East Carolina, and Western Michigan is a good non-conference schedule. Glass houses, WVA houses.
There isnt a DIAA team on our schedule this year. Good trash talking bud!!!!
Seriously? You're hyping the fact that you DON'T play a 1-AA team this year?
OSU looks rediculous every year because they lose the national championship annually
I love it when people attack us and can't spell the multi-syllabic words in their diatribes.
Pat White did not see playing time until the 7th game. Slaton was the stud and continued to carry the team the rest of the season.
Dude, you are aware there is a thing called "the internets", and that we can fact-check your bullshit? Pat White had 1,276 yards of offense and 14 touchdowns in the first 6 games.

I just love these types of's hoping they breed less, though.

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