Monday, September 24, 2007

Big Ten Blogger Roundtable - Week 5

Honors go out to Lake The Posts this week for putting together the roundtable questions. Let's all give LTP credit for getting up off the floor after the beatdown his team suffered this weekend at the hands of our Buckeyes. Here's the questions to ponder this week;

1. Michigan turned to Russell Crowe (successfully). ND went with Regis (unsuccessfully). Imagine your team is in desperate need of a pregame pep talk (no imagination needed at NU). You can bring in anyone in the world. Who do you turn to and why?

Oh, that's easy. The one, the only, Woody Hayes. Woody was the master at getting his boys motivated for any game. He ate, drank, and breathed Ohio State football, and he could whip those senseless little bastards into winning the game!

Plus, the sight of reanimated flesh would scare the piss out of anyone, and they'll do anything to not have to go back into the lockerroom for more of that scary, scary pep talk.

2. What perception about your program is perpetuated to the point where it is your pet peeve? Why does it bother you so much (no, the answer does not have to be an alliteration)?

Again, I think you'll find the same answers from most of my Buckeye brethren. The perception that Ohio State is a criminal organization bothers me to no end. I will be the first one to admit that we had a lot of issues with the law, and I will be the first to admit that Maurice Clarett was a huge black eye for us. But the perception that Jim Tressel allows this sort of behavior aggravates me. Tressel doles out the punishment as harshly as I've seen any coach in college football. Clarett is the perfect example. At the start of the 2003 season, there were only rumors about Clarett's problems, and Tressel sat him for the season-opening Washington game. Soon after, the rumors were confirmed, and Clarett was gone.

Tressel will give the punishment necessary, and if the deed is serious enough, you're gone.

Ask Steve Bellisari, who was benched for the Michigan game in his senior season for a DUI two weeks prior.

Ask Louis Irizarry. He now plays 1-AA ball after an assault.

Ask Troy Smith how it felt to miss his first bowl game and the following year's opener for taking 500 bucks as a gift from a booster.

These are young kids. Tressel does his best to guide them through a very formidable stage of their lives. If they mess up, he handles it properly. If they mess up big, he handles it with an ax.

We recruit football players. If they come to play football, they can stay and play every day. If they go astray, they can keep on straying somewhere else. That's what I like.

3. It is only week 5 of the season, but you've been asked to create your team's highlight reel for the season. You get to choose one song. What is it and why?

It's as if you wrote the question just for me. Here's the two best songs I have for two of my best videos. Enjoy.

Do I really have to explain why those two songs? I think you already know the answers.

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