Sunday, September 30, 2007

Say hello to the 4th-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes!

Ohio State started the season ranked #11 in the AP poll, #10 in the Coaches Poll. Those days are over.

Say hello to the #4 ranked Ohio State Buckeyes.

Since that pre-season poll, teams above us have failed to hold their poll position. Michigan failed. Virginia Tech failed. Louisville failed (again and again). Wisconsin hasn't played well and lost their #7 ranking.

Today, the college football world was rocked. #3 Oklahoma was shocked by unranked Colorado. #4 Florida fell to unranked Auburn....again. #7 Texas was embarrassed by unranked Kansas State.....again. Add to that #5 West Virginia failing to win Thursday night.

Meanwhile, the Buckeyes have won consistently, with no opponent coming within 18 points. Quietly, Ohio State has climbed the polls, and they will most likely show up tomorrow morning at #4.

Wisconsin was #9, just behind OSU. Looking closely at the polls, there's no likelihood they will leapfrog Ohio State. They were 163 poll points behind OSU in the AP, and 66 poll points back in the Coaches Poll. They should, however, show up at #5.

Keep winning, Buckeyes. This season is unfolding better than we could have possibly expected thus far.

By the way, #1 USC and likely-#3 California......they play each other November 10th, so one of them will have to lose.

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Frank said...

I think the Bucks cared about as much about Minny as I did...not much. But now, we sort of accidentally find ourselves in the national title picture.