Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Forget the curve ball Ricky. Throw him the heater

Short post today. I've got to get to work, and immediately after, I have tickets to see the Indians/Tigers game tonight!

The Tribe all but clinched the AL Central last night. The Magic Number is 7. But that's not where the magic ends, not even in the postseason.

Currently, the Indians are only 1.5 games behind Boston for the best record in baseball. Catch them and we get home field advantage in the entire postseason (AL hosts the World Series, too!). So while we can stop scoreboard-watching for Tigers losses, we can start up again for Red Sox defeats!

Oh, and also...we're tied with the Angels for the second-best record, but we currently hold the tiebreaker. We're still in a race, and we wanna take this one all the way to November!

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