Thursday, September 13, 2007

Please God. Let Chad Johnson do this. Please.

This just in from the NFL. Chad Johnson is still a jackass.

But this time, it might get him the worst beatdown in a looooong time.
Johnson said on Wednesday that if he scores a touchdown against the Browns Sunday in Cleveland he plans on jumping into the Dawg Pound, a la the "Lambeau Leap" tradition in Green Bay. Johnson was talking to reporters about how much he enjoys playing in the atmosphere of Cleveland's stadium when he decided upon this week's would-be scoring celebration.
I'm not a big fan of violence in sports. But every once in a while, you get a player who just needs a smack or two. Or fifty. Chad Johnson is one of those players.

If he jumps into the Dawg Pound, he'll get that beating. Count on it.

And if anybody has Dawg Pound tickets that they'd like to give to me so I can help administer that beating, let me know.


Anonymous said...

i dunno, i like johnson. he doesn't have any off the field issues and entertains on the field. jumping into the dawg pound doesn't seem so bad - he did say how great the atmosphere is in Cleveland.
that said, if he jumps into the pound, he's gonna get smacked around.

woodyhayes68 said...

Our fellow Dawgs took it easy on him. Only a little beer and some fine gentleman letting CJ know he was #1 :P

I tend to think the Johnson is actually a decent guy, but I would NEVER mind one of our DBs taking 15 yds for knocking him on his butt to prematurely end one of his planned events. The leagues thinks he's cute...I think it's BS.