Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I don't think Michigan fans have suffered enough yet

Don't get me wrong...they've suffered PLENTY, and they're going to feel that pain for a LONG time. But from a general scan of the blogs, I don't think they quite grasp what got them the worst upset in college football history....hubris.

They went into that game without a single thought that they might lose. It was already a win, and the game was merely for fun. Granted, 99% of us felt that Michigan would win, so that was an easy mistake to make. But a lot of Michigan fans just haven't taken hold of their own pompousness and will not realize that it leads to defeat.

For example; From some readers at mgoblog;
Relax. After a loss of this magnitude, Michigan is an almost certain lock to beat Oregon.

and this one......
Bring on the Ducks. If I were Oregon I'd be very afraid...

...and from the ESPN message boards....
I honestly can see the rest of the season Michigan going undefeated.

The above genius also predicted that App State "wouldn't hurt that much in the Sagarin ratings".

Now THAT is the exact type of hubris that I'm talking about. You just got beat by a Division 1-AA school and you're already putting the next game in the win column.

I will say that a LARGE majority of Michigan fans have got this in perspective. They're crushed and humiliated, and a lot of them refuse to watch ESPN or any other sports television outlet. Some others are talking about the best way to get up off the mat, and have doubts about any ability to rebound.

THAT is the way to approach this weekend's Oregon game. With DOUBT. You SHOULD be sitting on the edge of that seat, anxious about EVERY play until the game has been won!

Because when you walk into that stadium thinking the game is already won, you end up with a fanbase that is complacent. One that leaves during the third quarter of a game in which you're losing. One that holds up keys and jingles them on a big third down, rather that screams their ever-loving heads off (the "key" is to MAKE IT LOUD, not distract the other team with shiny objects).

Because if Michigan fans head into the Oregon game with the "we'll be 1-1 after this game" attitude, then they haven't learned a thing, and honestly deserve to fall to the Ducks.

But if they go in like Sean has at Michigan Sports Center, optimistic but apprehensive and HONESTLY looking for the best way to turn it around, they'll be OK.

But let's all hold a little prayer vigil and hope they extend Llllloyd Carr's contract at Mich1gAAn.

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