Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday morning reacharound.....I mean, wrapup

Too much to report on, no time at all.....

College football

The main two polls are out, and Ohio State is ranked #10 in both. Other significant points....Oklahoma jumped to #3 in the AP....Wisconsin fell in both polls....Auburn, TCU, and Boise State dropped out of both....South Florida is just on the outskirts of being ranked.

Rumors of Lloyd Carr being fired today were untrue. Frankly, I think it'd be a HUGE mistake for Michigan to let him go. Ohio State had a great coach named Earle Bruce. Bruce went 9-2 every year, with the occasional 10-1, and the less-occasional 8-3. The guy was a winner. Then he had a bad season in 1987. A few bad breaks, a few awful games. They fired him five days before the Michigan game (which he WON). That ended the Earle Bruce era and we began the John Cooper era.

So be careful what you wish for, Michigan. You just might get it.

NFL football

I think the Browns played yesterday. They were scheduled to play, but as of 4pm Sunday, nobody was sure if they actually showed up.

Seriously, how pissed off am I that the only player who seemed to give a damn yesterday was "The Soldier", Kellen Winslow Jr? Charlie Frye doesn't know how to throw the ball away on a sack, Derek Anderson doesn't know how to throw the ball to his own teammates, and....oh, fuck it. They just plain sucked. By the way, on Saturday, Akron got three first downs....on Sunday, former Akron QB Charlie Frye got two first downs.

On a better note, my fantasy team is on the verge of winning their first game. I have 99 points (and no players left to play), my opponent has 64 points with Mark Clayton and TJ Housewhatsshisface left to take the field.

Cleveland Indians

The playoffs are two steps closer. Yesterday, the Tribe split the road series with Los Angeles, and the Tigers got spanked by Seattle. Indians lead the AL Central by 6 games with 19 to play. The Tribe's Magic Number is down to 14.

Carmona takes the hill tonight against Floyd (1-2, 6.70 ERA). Detroit plays a one-game series tonight against Toronto.

My dream scenario for clinching this one....Over the next 7 days, the Tribe goes 6-1 and the Tigers go 2-5. Then the Indians beat the Tigers next Monday, and they clinch it with a win over Detroit on Tuesday....when I have tickets to see them!

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