Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Semi-insane superstitions, anyone?

Rick at Halftime Adjustments and I were talking today, when we shared stories from 2002. It got us thinking, and we decided to run with it.....

Here's my story. I want to hear yours too, and we're going to compile a little be as detailed as you like.

I'm superstitious about my sports teams, especially Ohio State. If they're winning, I'll wear the same jersey again and again (yes, I wash it...shut up). But my most intense day of superstition came on November 23, 2002.

Ohio State was 12-0 and playing Michigan at home. A win gets them into the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl for a shot at the National Championship. I'm watching the game alone at home (because we won every time my wife left the house for an Ohio State-Michigan game, and we lost every time she out she went for the day).

I had bought two bags of Tostitos chips, and sat on the couch to watch the game. After EVERY play, I would get up from my seat, walk around the house, and return to the couch. Once I sat down, I would eat one chip. Even better, my ass had to be in the exact same spot as it was the play before. Dammit, these guys were going to win, and I was going to help get them there. How could i live with myself if I broke rank and the Buckeyes lost?

Ohio State won 14-9, and went on to win the National Championship over Miami 31-24 in double OT. Can you argue with those results?

Give me your superstitions...what do you do for your team to assure victory?


Hermano said...

Oh man, you guys are right up my alley. I have a jersey from 2004 that I wear during games, as well as two Buckeye necklaces and a Buckeye hat.

During 2006, I wore that jersey, that hat, and those two necklaces for all the 12 games that we won, and did not wash it during the season. I only washed it after we lost.

I bought a new jersey and hat to wear this year, and wore it for the first two games - you saw the outcomes. I wore my old regalia during the last two games, with great success.

Also, my girlfriend showered twice in 2005, before PSU, and before Texas. In 2006 she didn't shower before any games, even the night games, and voila.

I'm batshit insane.

MaliBuckeye said...

Always wear my Archie Griffith Jersey.
Always wear my black running pants.
Always wear my handmade buckeye necklace (11 buckeyes...).
Always wear my two OSU wristbands.
Always wear my OSU Flag football champions t-shirt.

And now, the weird one:

I have a friend (Oklahoma State fan- the other OSU) that has to watch the Michigan game with either me or my brother.

The only time it didn't happen was when he had moved to LA- 2003.

In 04, my brother came down from San Jose to watch with him.

In 05, I moved to LA.

Raj said...

To add to the insanity:

I always wear boxers of the opposing team's color (i've been wearing a lot of purple lately).

This all developed because back in college I got very lazy about doing laundry.. so I built up a pretty large collection of boxers, so it's pretty easy now. :-)

T-Mill said...

Insane with superstition is growing a playoff beard for your high school basketball tournament when you're 17. We made it to the state finals and it merely looked like I hadn't shaved in 2 days now by comparason, but it worked.

Tommy said...

Oh man! My friend and I have the same superstition about wearing clothes. For me, I have to put on my #7 jersey (purchased in 02! [go gamble!]) before every game. EVERY game! It also has to go on correctly.
I'm sorry for causing the texas loss a couple years back, because I put the jersey on backwards after my shower =(
Every time the jersey goes on before the game (and correctly) the game is a W. If there's a reason the jersey can't be on before kickoff, the game is a tossup!

neat, huh?