Sunday, September 02, 2007

New rankings

Quick note....I assume the new rankings don't come out until after tomorrow night's games?

Anyway, it's probably a safe bet that Michigan will still be ranked somewhere in the Top 25. Lots of discussions that they don't deserve it, but I'm looking at seeing their name somewhere around 18-22.

But who wants to wager that ESPN puts them in their "Bottom 10" for one week?

By the this. It's filmed in Happy Valley. Penn State students watching the final play of the Michigan/Appalachian State game on TV. Pure gold.


....and one shot by App State fans inside the big house. Three things stand out in this one to me; 1) The ASU fans are as shocked as the rest of us and don't know what to do - 2) A fan says "thanks for the hospitality", leaving me the impression that the UM fans near them were as nice as 95%of the UM fans I have encountered - 3) Ever heard 110,000 people get so quiet?


Art Dinkin said...

Jeff, Glad to see your back at it for the Bucks.

I'll tell you my story (all true Buckeye's will someday tell the story of where they were when UofM went down to App State...

Living in Iowa, I was watching the game on the Big Ten Network with my all-Hawkeye in-laws. One of my best friends was at the OSU game, so I called him to make sure he knew right away. He was already back at the tailgate watching the game. I could here the cheers better than I could here him.

That is one part of the greatness of being a Buckeye. Sometimes just watching Michigan getting humilated is enough. :) Obviously PSU feels the same way.

O-H my friend! Go Bucks!

Anonymous said...

those were some of the best videos ever - thanks for posting them.

My sister, a current Penn St. student, called me after the game was over and told me how nuts people outside Beaver Stadium were going watching Michigan lose. She said that watching Michigan lose was easily more exciting than watching PSU run over FIU.

I say Buckeyes in Ann Arbor Nov 17 should wear Appalachian St jerseys...