Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy birthday to the BBC

One year ago today, I started this blog. I didn't expect much...frankly, I loved reading other OSU blogs, and I wanted an outlet of my own. I hoped (at the time) that maybe the guys who write for MotSaG or Buckeye Commentary, or Around The Oval would see it. Those were the big dogs on the block (they still are), and just having them read my work would have been a huge success to me.

I mean, let's face it...I'm just a jackass who likes to hear himself think. Who would ever think that other people would give a damn?

Later that day, The BBC got it's first comment. It was a spambot telling me I could make extra cash. Not the way I wanted to start out, but what the hell, right? My reports were showing me I got about 15 pageviews a day.

Once I figured out how to embed videos, my Buckeye highlight reels were given the exposure I wanted (outside of YouTube, at least). MotSaG started giving us links, as did Eleven Warriors and AtO. I just wanted to write and create, and now I had the best in the blogging community reading my stuff and showing it to their own readers. That was, and still is, the best compliment I could have been given.

I only wanted to write about Ohio State when I began a year ago. But the kudos of respected bloggers gave me license to continue into pro sports, and I now write year-round for this site.

Today, I am a proud member of the Big Ten Bloggers, a group which circles the entire conference. We share ideas, readers, and links. Our teams do battle on the field, and yet we all find friendship amongst each other. Our circle of bloggers now compares pick-ems, answers roundtable questions, and swaps out writers. There is plenty of room to grow, and I see great things in the future for The BBC and beyond.

As of this moment, I have had 38,365 pageviews. Also, my videos have been seen a total of 855,000 times.

So on this 1st birthday, I thank my readers for returning daily. I thank the people who have e-mailed my videos to each other and commented on them. But most especially, I thank my fellow bloggers for allowing me a place on their sites. Without the exposure you have lent me, I would have no readers at all. Without your encouragement and support, The BBC would not be what it is today.


Greg said...

This is my favorite Ohio State blog. Not a lot of crap to sort through...gets right to the point.

More frequent OSU news would be nice, but I realize you're a busy dude.

Jason said...

Congrats Jeff. I know we've enjoyed the past year of your posts. Here's to another 10 or so..