Thursday, September 06, 2007

What the hell has happened to the NFL?

Like most sports fans, I get excited about Opening Day. So naturally, I'm ready for the kickoff of the NFL season. Joined my Fantasy League, and I'm jazzed about tonight.

So I turn on the pre-game for the Saints-Colts game....and they have fucking Faith Hill singing "This Kiss"? What the fuck?

Dammit, this is FOOTBALL! When did the professional version of this sport turn into a bubblegum-pop-music-let's-all-sing-inane-songs-and-smile cavalcade of misery?

Anybody else remember the Simpsons episode where it was halftime of the Thanksgiving game, and "Hooray For Everything", a group of clean-cut youngsters, sang "Get Dancin" to "the dancinest hemisphere of all, the Western hemisphere"?

Christ on a crutch, this just takes all the manliness out of football......

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