Sunday, September 30, 2007

Michigan facing forfeit of win over PSU

Late last night, some strange news hit the airwaves...I heard it, but didn't want to say anything for fear of pushing uncorroborated rumor. It's confirmed now.

Michigan used an ineligible player in their first four games, and may be forced to forfeit their win against Penn State.

Courtesy M-Live, the Big Ten is investigating, and Michigan AD Bill Martin has confirmed the illegal use of freshman Artis Chambers. The Big Ten will announce later this week their findings.

Use of Chambers violated Big Ten procedure, but not NCAA. So no matter what the Big Ten does, Michigan's win against Notre Dame will stand. Chambers did not play against Northwestern, and Chambers is no longer on the team.

Martin refused to identify the rule violation.

Damn, it sucks to be a Wolverine.

But it also sucks to be this this loser freak out over Florida's loss....

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rick grayshock said...

It would be kind of overkill for Michigan to have to forfeit that win. The kid played a couple of special teams plays, and made one tackle. Making them give up a win shouldn't happen. Maybe they are forced to give up a scholarship for next season? I don't know, it just seems a bit much to make them give up that game.