Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The secret weapon

Eleven Warriors and Buckeye Commentary seem to be the blogs most on top of this player*, but I've been formulating a little conspiracy in my head and I want to share my thoughts with you now.

For those of you who don't know anything about Buckeyes WR Ray Small....he's fast. Fastest we've had in a long time, with the possible exception of Ted Ginn Jr. The speculation on him is endless, but there's very little game film on him.

Small was supposed to return to action last week against Akron, but didn't see the field. I was looking forward to seeing him, and kept watching for #4 to line up and get something thrown his way. Alas, nothing.

Now, we all know that Jim Tressel is a VERY good coach, and that does not exclude the ability to show teams what he wants them to see and what he doesn't want them to see. I think that Small was held out of the Akron game intentionally, to provide one more secret weapon to open up on a big game...like say, this weekend in Washington.

If we try a few routes to Small in a meaningless game against Akron, it gives the Huskies a chance to prepare for him. So why use him?

Thoughts on that? Am I getting too deep?

* = not in the same way that MotSaG is on top of Vernon Gholston. Not that there's anything wrong with that......


Jason said...

That's a pretty good point. I think you may be on to something.

Hopefully he's as good as advertised, b/c that crowd is going to be RUFF.

el Kaiser said...

So the 11W guys and Keith have a man crush on Ray Small. Let them fight over him.

We take Vernon all to ourselves.


Drew_Kaplan said...

definitely very plausible

Chris said...

I don't know that we have a crush, but I think he can definitely help both the special teams and WR corps IF he stays healthy. At the very least, he's one of those burners that forces defenses to be aware of him or it could be 6. They way our offense looks, I'll take anything rumored to be explosive.