Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cleveland Indians, 2007 Central Division Champions

The Indians wrapped it up today, beating Oakland 6-2. Jake Westbrook's pitches had amazing control, and DAMN that ball was breaking on him a lot. He looked his best today, and we need him in the playoffs.

With that win, the Indians become the first team in the Majors to clinch their own division.

There are 7 games left in the regular season. We have two more things to do as a team before the playoffs begin;

1) Set the starting rotation so we can roll into the postseason with the right amount of rest.
2) Win home field advantage so we can set the postseason schedule.

Boston lost today, so we will hold sole possession of the American League lead by day's end. The Magic Number to win home field advantage is as follows;

Over Boston - 7
Over Los Angeles - 7
Over New York - 6

Freakin' Sweet stat of the day - In the last 12 series the Indians have played, we've won 11 of them. The other series was a 2-2 split at L.A. No Series losses since August 12th. Freakin' sweet!

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