Saturday, September 01, 2007


In the late 80s and early 90s, I would go to every Ohio State-Michigan game, no matter where the game was played. I went to 10 straight, and always had a great time.

One year, while backtracking to my car before I entered the Stadium in Ann Arbor, some Michigan tailgaters started mocking me. Their mock was brief and painful.

"Air Force! Air Force! Air Force!" was the repeated chant, in reference to the defeat Air Force gave Ohio State in the 1990 Liberty Bowl, 23-11. I had nothing to respond to that. They were right. It was the most humiliating loss I had ever witnessed.

Today, I have a response to those Michigan fans.

Never again will a Michigan fan be able to mock ANY team for a loss. Two words will be all that is needed to redeem....Appalachian State.

Mike Hart, in a post game interview said he would "guarantee if we play them again on a neutral field, there will be a different outcome".

Michigan fans should be embarrassed of their team and embarrassed to wear maize and blue. They had a legitimate shot to win the National Championship this year, and that hope ended before the first Division 1 school even comes to town.

Watching the fans get all crazy when they were marching down the field midway through the fourth quarter was funny enough...they were getting wild, believing they would eventually rise to defeat....a Division 1-AA school. Just stop and think about that. This was a game that when the season was ending, people would point to it and call it a "cream-puff win". Now, it's not even that.

The news reports are already calling it the "biggest upset of all-time". Discussions of Lloyd Carr's dismissal are no longer being held off until the annual to Ohio State. There's no way they should even be considered a Top 20 team anymore, and any Poll voter that puts them anywhere near the Top 20 should lose their vote...including BlogPoll voters.

It was one thing to give up 42 points to Ohio State, and then 32 points to USC....but they continued their horrific defense by allowing 34 points today. Anybody who thinks Ron English is the successor to Lloyd Carr is just a glutton for punishment.

MGoBlog is shut down, and I don't know if I think that's a wise decision or a cowardly one. I haven't heard Brian's explanation, so maybe it's necessary to save his servers from overload...but anything short of that is absolutely cowardly. At least the other Michigan blogs are still up and taking their medicine.

So as it stands, Michigan is the laughingstock of college football...and they are on a three-game losing streak.

The only thing left to say is that yes, indeed...Chad Henne is a joke. A mother-fucking joke.

UPDATE - Raj reminds me that MGoBlog is on the same servers as my he didn't shut down because of server overload. I can only step forward and say that Brian at MGoBlog is clearly behaving like a wuss. To shut down the site because of this loss...well, there's just no excuse. Your boys lost and got a fucking man and take it. Let me give you an example....January 9th, this year. Florida has just crushed Ohio State 41-14 in the BCS Title Game. Here is what I wrote about it;
I'll just come out and say it.

Florida manhandled us. They looked good and made all the right moves. They brought their A game, and we barely played our B game.

Today, I will wear my new Pittman jersey. For I am proud to be a Buckeye, and I ALWAYS will be.
Is there anything else I can say about that? Be a man.


Raj said...

He wouldn't be doing it to save his servers.. he's hosted on blogger just like you..

you know what? there are some days that I (somewhat) miss living in that state up north. I'd love to go to my old workplace on Tuesday just singing "HOT HOT HOT" at the top of my lungs. :-)

Go Bucks!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys... Don't know if you have come down from the partial high from the beginning of college football, which obviously included the blue rodents being spanked by good ol' App State... But figured I'd share this gem with you:

- Brett

sportsMonkey said...

Jeff - I totally agree w/ you re: English. I wrote something similar at MotSaG.

I was(am?) also disappointed with mgoblog shutting down, if only because I really admire Brian and was sincerely interested in what he had to say about the loss.

I know a lot of OSU fans are gloating, but I'm honestly not that happy over the UM loss. It's such a shame. The Big Ten can do better.

Jason said...

Not to defend a Wolverine, but I'd bet the reason the site is "offline" is because he pulls live data for the BlogPoll on his other server ( and that database was probably getting waxed.

If you notice near the bottom of his left sidebar, the BlogPoll voters widget looks like it's been disabled as well.

I'm guessing he just has to remove that stuff from his template before he can get back online. Or wait until the storm is over.

Still sucks to be him today.

rick grayshock said...

Two things- first, I can't wait to hear about the 'over-rated' big ten jokes for the next two months, thanks michigan. Second, I too wore my OSU hoodie the day after the Florida loss. Seriously, if you can't stand the heat...

By the way, we ran into a few families from App State having dinner at Cracker Barrel in Lima, Ohio last night. We shook their hands. Their son is a freshman on the team. We talked for a while, but the best part was that one of them bought a michigan shirt that had the schedule on the back. Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

This was an interesting post someone put on the MZone:

It is time to put up or shut up Mike Hart!! The planning for this game belongs to the coaches, yes, but the players must have the right attitude and leadership and someone who picks fights with others outside the program needs to stop and leave it all out on the FIELD!!

Show you are a true leader by doing so on the field, do not talk about how Michigan never loses three or more games a year (2005), do not get in a fight with Jim Harbaugh by stooping to his level. If he is going to talk trash about his alma mater, then he is NOT someone to even acknowledge!!! Unless his points are valid, but that's a coach's problem!!!!

Do not give yourself nickname like H20 when you haven't earned it or claim your apart of one of Michigan's best freshman classes? If you were so good you would have won a bowl or beaten OSU. Your not going to a national title game this year, so there's one less goal you didn't achieve? Still feel like water who slips through cracks when two out of the past three times OSU beat you you had less than a hundred yards rushing and USC limited your game as well.

If Ohio State had such a terrible defense, what about yours??? Why didn't you forget about the loss and try to motivate your team to win a BOWL GAME!!! I guess you will have another 9-3 year with losses to OSU and in a bowl game. You can still win the Big Ten and a bowl, but you need to put up or shut up.

I recognize the talent that Hart has, but as a result of all his whining this past summer, from Jim Harbaugh to Jake Long being better than Joe Thomas, I lost any respect I had for him. If he was a decent captain, he would realize yesterday was an awakening, you will not beat Oregon, Notre Dame or Penn State if you don't get the team to refocus, drop ALL outside issues you have and show all your talent and class ON THE FIELD!!!

Mike, you clearly never took that advice to heart, because if you had maybe wouldn't have been the first team ranked in the AP Poll to be beaten by a former I-AA. Michigan players if you were more motivated to win you would have not let Hart do all THE WORK, he can only do so much, but when he's trash talking everyone and their mother there might be problems even just in having him recognize the need for a goal-oriented team.

To summarize, Hart if you are a true Michigan man you will leave it all on the field, stop bitching about things that do NOT directly affect football and show the hard work you did yesterday. Does it take losing to Appalachian State to get you to realize the real problem is in the Locker Room and not with the media or Harbaugh? Michigan players should see what at least Hart was sort of smart enough to figure out, give your best effort or why even show up?

Russell said...

Lloyd Carr breaks new ground, chokes at the BEGINNING of the season as unranked Appalachian State upsets #5 Michigan

Anonymous said...

Don't know if you all saw that Biran has the MGoBlog back up and running. There was a reason he had it down, and boy is it ever a hilarious doozy!! Gotta' commend Brian and that sense of humor! ;)

- Brett

Quint said...

Go back and check out
It's hilarious.


Quint said...

Go back and check out