Thursday, August 28, 2008

2 more days/3 more awesome Buckeyes!

Three of the best Buckeyes ever occupy the space today. It's completely unfair to even decide who gets to go first, so we'll go with the coolest picture!

Canton, Ohio's own Mike Doss. He won a state championship at McKinley, and wanted that feeling again so badly that he delayed applying for the NFL and returned to Ohio State for his senior season in 2002.

Risky? Hell yes. Did it pay off? Hell, yes!

Next up is our current owner of the #2 jersey, the incomparable Malcolm Jenkins....

(speaking of guys who came back to win it all their senior year....don't let us down, Jenkins!)

Finally, the master. The first Ohio State jersey I ever owned was this guy's number. The greatest pair of hands ever to don a Buckeye uniform, Cris Carter;

So with two days before kickoff, The BBC salutes you, Mike, Cris, and Malcolm. Enjoy your day!

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Dan Isaacs said...

Bah. All Carter ever did was catch touchdowns.