Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm bored. Here's some facts about the Tressel era

While I'm doing some finishing work on the new site (like that fancy new logo, do ya?), I'm taking a little break to post.

Let's be honest. This Saturday is a warm-up game. We're fine-tuning what we can in expectation of an easy win over Youngstown State. How many different ways can you preview that?

I'll leave that to the rest of the blogosphere. Me, I'm going to give you cold, hard facts about the man inside the sweatervest, Jim Tressel.

Since joining the Buckeyes, Tressel is 73-16, for an .820 winning percentage.

When Tressel's team takes the field on Saturday, it'll be his 90th game as a head coach here.
- His team has been ranked in the Top 25 an incredible 77 times out of those 90 games.
- 62 of those games, the Buckeyes have been ranked in the Top10.

When Ohio State is the higher-ranked team, they are 63-10
When Ohio State is the lower-ranked team, they are 5-3
When neither team is ranked, Ohio State is 6-3

During the regular season, Ohio State is 69-13
During Bowl games, Ohio State is 4-3
In BCS Bowls, Ohio State is 3-2

In 86 of Tressel's 89 Ohio State games, the Buckeyes have either won, or had the ball with a chance to win in the 4th quarter.

Under Tressel, the Buckeyes score 28.8 points per game
Under Tressel, the Buckeyes allow 15.6 points per game.

There ya go. Time to get back to building a website!

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