Saturday, August 23, 2008

Day #7 - the discovery of who God is

It's a fact....there is truly no way to determine the best player to honor on some days. Day #7 is by far the toughest day to choose. So we won't even try. But here's a BEVY of photos for you to enjoy, all of players who wore #7 during their career at Ohio State;

First up is Ted Ginn Jr. He once ran so fast down the field, that the earth began to reverse rotation. Warner Brothers Studios slapped an immediate Cease And Desist on him for violating copyright.

Now comes Chris Gamble, the man who could play 120 plays in a game and ask for more. He once shot a man just to watch him die.

Along comes Joey Galloway, one of the best receivers of his generation. On NFL Draft Day, HE called up teams and told them whether or not they could draft him. He also called Al Davis a pussy.

Joe Germaine, who led the 1998 team right down the field on the winning drive. It was later discovered that Germaine scored the final TD with 17 Arizona State defensive players on the field for the entire drive. Also, during the season, he allowed Stanley Jackson to co-QB, but only when he "grew tired of playing the game with you mere mortals".

Cornelius Greene, QB-extraordinaire from the early 70s. This photo was shot with a color camera, but Greene's speed was so intense that cameras could either decide to accept a blurry image or accept a black-and-white image. Nobody could explain it until Joe Germaine used his enormous brain to calculate the reasons why.

Greene went on to host "Soul Train" for 5 years, and he also gained a reputation as a private dick who's a sex machine to alllll the chicks. Damn right.

While writing this post, I had an epiphany.

All the great players who wore #7 at Ohio State have their last names begin with the letter G.

Therefore, God loves Ohio State and wants to wear #7 for us.

I report, you decide.


ditriech said...

Also, Saturday is the seventh day of the week. According to most calendars at least.

Dan Isaacs said...

Damn Pryor. He's going to break the G-Streak.

Jeff Seemann said...

Dan, you're overlooking the obvious....

Pryor IS God.

Anonymous said...

there is a special place in the heart for all of the 7s. especially love that Galloway came back for his senior season and beat UM at a time when few OSU teams could do it and Teddy -- well, he never lost to UM.

But anyone who survived co-QBing with Stanley Jackson is hands down the greatest.

Pfef said...

G is also the 7th letter of the alphabet. Coincidence? I think not.