Monday, August 04, 2008

Thank God for Will Allen. Today's your day!

26 Days to go before opening day at Ohio Stadium!

Wearing the uniform of the day today is none other than Will Allen. Back in 2002, he made a TON of great plays for the Buckeyes that helped his team win the National Championship. But two plays will always stand out, and to be perfectly honest, without Will Allen, we may not have won either of those games.

Play #1 - September 21, 2002. Cincinnati suproses everyone in Ohio by giving the Buckeyes a major scare. The Bearcats led for nearly the entire game, but Ohio State scored with under 4 minutes to play, taking a 4-point lead. But Cincinnati marched right down the field. Facing 4th down at OSU's 15-yard-line, Allen saved the day by picking off the Bearcats' final chance in the end zone.

Play #2 - November 23, 2002. No need to describe it, just watch it for yourself!

Thanks, Will Allen. Enjoy your day!

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Anonymous said...

my favorite day!!!!
i love 26.
thanks for the video.