Friday, August 22, 2008

Roy Hall brings us down the home stretch

It's Roy Hall day! 8 days left!

Pictured left, Hall scoring an early TD against Iowa from 2006.

Both teams were 4-0 heading into the game and there was a lot of concern among Buckeye fans about playing a Top 15 Iowa team on their home field at night.

Yeah, that didn't last long. Ohio State 38, Iowa 17. Lots and lots of sad faces in the crowd that's a few;

BHGP is gonna be pissed.....


Anonymous said...

I still have that game on my DVR.. Loved it Loved it Loved it..

Ross Hunter
Pulaski, Iowa
OSU Grad.

DaveM said...

Two of the most amazing plays in that game. Troy Smith threading a TD pass so perfectly to Robiskie that only he could ever catch it - perfect leading, poetry in motion.
Then, in a class by itself - Gonzales catching a 1st down pass, proceeding to give up the 1st down while going east-west to evade tacklers, then blowing it open down the sideline for a touchdown.
That was one of those that you just look at and say "Huh. I have no idea how he did it, but he did."