Friday, August 01, 2008

Rivals gives us the full college football rankings

Rivals has finally completed their rankings. I first spotted them last night during a particularly nasty bout of insomnia. But I had just taken an Ambien, and based on the type of texts I send my girlfriend when I'm fading on Ambien....well, just trust me, you don't want me blogging while on those things.

So now that I'm slightly less insane, I can bring you and their pre-season college football rankings.

First, the Top Ten;
1. Southern California - Final 2007 ranking: 2nd
Mark Sanchez and the rest of the offense will have to jell before Sept. 13, when USC plays Ohio State in a potential national title elimination game.

2. Georgia - Final 2007 ranking: 6th
The Bulldogs face lofty expectations and the not-so-small matter of getting through perhaps the nation's toughest schedule.

3. Ohio State - Final 2007 ranking: 6th
This edition of the Buckeyes may be better than the previous two. But unlike the 2006 and 2007 squads, this team may finish the job.

4. Oklahoma - Final 2007 ranking: 8th
Yes, the Sooners are in the national championship picture, which would have locals going loco at most places. But that's status quo in Norman.

5. Missouri - Final 2007 ranking: 5th
With a Heisman-contending quarterback, a big-play receiver, an experienced defense and a favorable schedule, Missouri has a legitimate shot at the national title.

6. Florida - Final 2007 ranking: 20th
It's a title-worthy offense. The defense has some issues, though, and those issues could keep Florida from playing for its second national championship in the past three seasons.

7. Auburn - Final 2007 ranking: 15th
Auburn hasn't won the SEC West since its undefeated season of 2004, but that could change in '08. Despite a new QB and two new coordinators, the Tigers the talent.

8. West Virginia - Final 2007 ranking: 4th
If the defense can play a little better than average, the Mountaineers have enough offense to advance to the BCS title game they came so close to reaching last season.

9. Clemson - Final 2007 ranking: 29th
Clemson still hasn't reached the ACC Championship Game despite having one of the league's top talent bases each of the past three seasons. If not now, when?

10. LSU - Final 2007 ranking: 7th
LSU's QB situation and a demanding road schedule make it difficult to predict a repeat national title, but the Tigers have enough talent to merit a spot in the top 10.
Really, I can't see much to get riled up about. I've never really seen pre-season polls as too necessary, but these look about right. But I'm not too fond of the S-E-Circle Jerk going on again.

The next set...
11. Kansas
12. BYU
13. Wisconsin
14. Texas Tech
15. Texas
16. Arizona State
17. Virginia Tech
18. Illinois
19. Tennessee
20. South Florida
My thoughts;
-I'm still thoroughly unconvinced that Kansas is worthy of a top 20 slot, let alone 11th.
-I don't know enough about BYU to debate a 12 ranking, but I'm happy to see the Mormons up there.
-How pissed off are Texas fans right now? They aren't even #1 in their own state?
-I'm still thinking that Illinois should be higher. Their first five games will tell me if I'm wrong.
-Seriously, didn't we all learn a lesson about over-reaching in South Florida?

Next up;
21. Oregon
22. Penn State
23. Fresno State
24. Wake Forest
25. Pittsburgh
26. Cincinnati
27. South Carolina
28. Utah
29. Alabama
30. Michigan
-Well, now we know that Rivals thinks Michigan will be the 5th-best team in the Big Ten. I'm agreeing with their view on that one.
-Add to that the fact that there are FIVE teams on Michigan's schedule ranked higher than them, and that their weak parts of the Big Ten don't come until just before season-end....this is a team that could potentially be 3-4 heading into Michigan State.
-Anybody else shocked (and a bit happy) to see Wake and Pitt crack the Top 25?
-More Mormons! Utah at 28 is cool.

Let's see the rest of the Top 50;
31. California
32. Michigan State
33. TCU
34. Colorado
35. Boise State
36. Oregon State
37. Florida State
38. Purdue
39. Rutgers
40. Notre Dame
41. Miami
42. Oklahoma State
43. UCLA
44. Boston College
45. Nebraska
46. Louisville
47. North Carolina
48. Mississippi State
49. Central Michigan
50. Connecticut
-Notre Dame in the Top 40? How does a team gain 44 places in the polls without playing a game? Oh, right....they're ND.
-Miami's ranked behind Notre Dame. LOL.
-Central Michigan's in the top half of college football. Michigan's AD is breathing a sigh of relief for not scheduling them this year.
-I think Rutgers might be too low, and Colorado might be too high.

Next up, let's go to 75;
51. Washington
52. Tulsa
53. Maryland
54. Arkansas
55. East Carolina
56. New Mexico
57. Northwestern
58. Ball State
59. Houston
60. Iowa
61. Southern Miss
62. Arizona
63. Kansas State
64. Kentucky
65. Texas A&M
66. Bowling Green
67. Ole Miss
68. N.C. State
69. Central Florida
70. Nevada
71. Virginia
72. Stanford
73. Georgia Tech
74. Florida Atlantic
75. Vanderbilt
-Northwestern's ahead of Iowa. Interesting. But based on Kirk Ferentz's off-season, that could be a school waiting to fall apart.
-Notre Dame fans are now chirping about being ahead of Ty Willingham's WEashington squad. That won't last long in my eyes.

The top 100;
76. Washington State
77. Miami (OH)
78. Navy
79. Indiana
80. Iowa State
81. Hawaii
82. UTEP
83. Wyoming
84. Western Michigan
85. Marshall
86. Toledo
87. Syracuse
88. Air Force
89. Troy
90. Louisiana Tech
91. Buffalo
92. Baylor
93. Minnesota
94. Memphis
95. Temple
96. Colorado State
97. Louisiana-Lafayette
98. Ohio
99. Akron
100. Middle Tennessee
-I'm willing to argue that Indiana is FAR better than where Rivals has them ranked. I'm even willing to wager they make another bowl game.
-All the Big Ten teams are in the Top 100? Usually one or two slip below the line.
-Akron cracks the Top 100. My, how they have fallen.

The rest;
101. Duke
102. San Diego State
103. New Mexico State
104. San Jose State
105. UNLV
106. Arkansas State
107. Tulane
108. SMU
109. Northern Illinois
110. Rice
111. Army
112. Louisiana-Monroe
113. Kent State
114. UAB
115. North Texas
116. Western Kentucky
117. Eastern Michigan
118. Utah State
119. Idaho
120. Florida International
-Kent State brings up the rear of all Ohio-based teams. At least there's a Michigan school below them.


Anonymous said...

our non-conference slate, outside of USC is a joke. Thee rankings reflect that. A Marshall, or Central Florida or Nevada or Maryland would be a nice change from Troy and Youngstown and Ohio.

Miami is the next big draw after USC. They better get really good, really fast or we will have another 2007 on our hands.

Matthew said...

Agree about Youngstown or Ohio; but Troy is a dangerous team, just ask SEC teams that have suffered near misses.

And Shannon will have Miami back to the near-top of ACC by 2010, although that's not saying much, as the ACC goes.