Saturday, August 30, 2008

Did you see what you wanted to see?

Putting aside the scare we have going on with Beanie Wells, was the game what you expected it to be? Obviously the score indicates a blowout (and it could have been MUCH worse than that for YSU), but what about the intricacies of the game....were they good enough for you as a Buckeye fan?

Mid-week, I posted 8 things I wanted to see in the game. Here's what happened with them;

1) A touchdown on the very first Ohio State possession
Success. We made it interesting, but Wells ripped off a big run on 4th-and-1 for the score.

2) A stop on the very first YSU possession
Success. We got a three-and-out. YSU actually only got one first down in the entire first half, on a penalty.

3) Beanie Wells needs 100-120 yards in the first half
No, but with good reason. Tressel mixed up his game plan, giving second-and-third stringers early action, then putting starters back in throughout the second and third quarters. Beanie, had he played the entire first half, would have easily accomplished this.

4) FG kicking must be perfect on the day
Success. I'm impressed, too. We connected on a 51-yarder and a 54-yarder.

5) 4 to 6 sacks on defense
Not today. We got two, but it should be noted that we forced so many 3-and-outs that YSU didn't get an opportunity to try enough pass plays for us to sack them a lot. OK, so that's a weak argument.

6) 65%+ passing from Todd Boeckman
Success. 74 percent passing for Boeckman. He looked good.

7) At least three possessions for Terrelle Pryor
Success. He got three possessions, and led us to 10 points. His TD was really nice, too.

8) A TD pass for Joe Bauserman
Let's be honest, Hartline got his foot down in the end zone. But it doesn't count, so this one wasn't a success. He'll get one against Ohio.

For the day, I'd say I saw plenty of the stuff I was hoping to see. I'm happy with the 43-0 win. Now it'll be complete when I hear that Beanie's OK.

How about you?

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