Thursday, August 21, 2008

Three amazing Buckeyes days to go!

Folks, we're into single digits finally....there's only 9 days left before kickoff!

The countdown we have been running has been a lot of fun, but there are days that you have to make a decision on who to post. A lot of times, when we have more than one player we could post, we'll put up pictures of multiple Buckeyes, and then highlight one of them.

We're doing that again today.

We have three potential Buckeyes to post as our #9 day. Let's start off with the current player!

Brian Hartline has been a wonderful surprise. He's got amazing speed and soft hands. There are some who compare him to Anthony Gonzalez, and I have no problem agreeing with that. Teams who focus on Robiskie this year will have to contend with getting burned by Hartline.

Also, his cousin is a close friend of mine, and she's smokin' hot.

Next up is a recent Buckeye, 2006 graduate Donte Whitner.

There's not much you can say about this kid, except that he was a monster if the ball came anywhere near him. Either you were leaving your feet or the ball wasn't getting to you if Whitner had anything to say about it.

But the guy we're going to highlight today comes from the previous decade.

10 years ago, David Boston played on one of the greatest Ohio State teams ever to take the field.

He was the primary receiver on an amazing offensive squad, and he knew it. Going into the Michigan game, he had two things on his mind, victory and revenge.

In the 1997 game, Boston and Michigan's Charles Woodson went at each other all day long, even throwing hard slaps at each other's heads for a few seconds. There was no doubt that the two players didn't like each other very much.

But later in the game, Boston up for a pass that sailed high over everybody's head, and Michigan DB Marcus Ray took advantage of it and laid a cheap shot into the back of Boston.

Boston didn't forget that moment, and he got both his wishes in the 1998 game. He got the victory, and he got his revenge on Ray;

Yes, Boston got a flag on the play. It meant we had to kick the extra point from 15 yards further away (oh, no....not that!) The Buckeyes won that day 31-16.

David Boston, here's to you! Enjoy your day!

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