Thursday, August 21, 2008

News from USC - now it's just getting uncomfortable

Seriously, I wish I were making this all up....but I'm not.

Most of us who love college football enough to blog about it are guys. And most of us have been in the prototypical-yet-moronic "nuh, uh, YOU'RE gay" argument with other sports-loving guys. It's a rite of passage and we've all been there, except most of us don't actually give the other side EVIDENCE.

If you're a fan of USC, and you're reading this blog, please tell your favorite team to stop rolling around with other half-naked men. It's just making all of us snicker.

Here's the latest piece of evidence - USC starting wide receiver (note - not a tight end, snicker) Vidal Hazelton and his "friends" at a "party" recently;

Yes, there was lots of posing. LOTS of posing.

The only thing missing is....well, girls.

These curious pictures are just the latest in a serious of confusing details about the USC football program.

About a month ago, we were treated to a FAB-U-LOUS little video from a USC recruiting weekend. Take special note of the 50+-year-old men taking their shirts off with the 18-year-old boys so everyone could be a party to the FUN!

Then came the "he looks way too at-ease in those" photos of USC LB Rey Mataulaugugageaga;

This was followed shortly by a barely-mentioned story out of USC training camp that included guys placed on the injury list with.....ummmm, jock itch.
"It burns," receiver Travon Patterson said.
Yeah, I bet it does.

Looking over all the evidence, this goes WAY past the "tee-hee Matt Leinart is SO ghey" territory. We're entering Pride Parade material now.

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