Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's Todd Boeckman Day!

Only 17 days until college football returns to us!

Selecting the player to represent us today was easy. Boeckman may not be the top-billed star on the team, but he's our leader. (Hell, when you have Beanie Wells and James Laurainitis on your team, you're never going to be considered the top performer)

For 2008 to be what we need it to be, Boeckman must wear two hats. First, he must be a good quarterback (obviously), but second, he must be an excellent mentor. We need this kid to show Terrelle Pryor the ropes.

Honestly, I have every confidence in the kid.

Todd Boeckman, enjoy your day today! But fear not, there'll be plenty more days to enjoy in the next six months!

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