Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Channels 333, 334 - BTN on Time Warner

Just announced - the channel for the Big Ten Network will be channel 333 on Time Warner Cable. The alternate feed will be on channel 334.

If you do not have a cable box, you still can see the game! It's on channel 77.

The above information, courtesy Time Warner Cable pre-recorded message.

UPDATE - High-def feeds supposedly will be on Channel 757, but they "might" not have the HD set up until Monday, too late for Game 1, but cool for the following games.


Raj said...

Did they say anything about the high-def feeds?

dirty6 said...

I'm not gonna say told you so, cause then I'd be an ass.

But, I am glad that folks back home can get the game. As for me, I'm keeping my fingers SERIOUSLY crossed that the BTN doesn't black the game out for out-of-region viewers like me.

I'm in Kansas and had to pay Dish an extra 6 bucks a month to get all the RSNetworks, one of which is the BTN. Only problem is that almost all pro baseball, basketball and hockey games are blacked out if you don't live in the 'region' that the RSN covers. I'm told this is not usually the case with college football, but it is up to the conference...

Jim Delaney, if you double cross me out here in Kansas, I swear I'll....

DaveM said...

X-post from a comment on 11W:
has all the channel listings for the Central Ohio area.

dirty6 said...

Also, not sure about what channel you're going to see BTN on...check out this page pulled off TWC's MidOhio site--

Looks to me like Columbus will see BTN on channel 24. It also looks like SOME areas of Ohio will get the HD feed sooner than others (note the two-asterisks next to some of the HD channel numbers). It also looks like some Ohio markets won't be getting the HD feed at all-these are probably markets where digital cable is not offered.