Monday, August 11, 2008

Hey, it's Derek Harden day! (and Tom Tupa!)

Hey look! Vico at Our Honor Defend found us a Tom Tupa picture!!!!


Anonymous said...

I got this screencap from the 1987 Michigan game on DVD. If you need a better one, I can try looking deeper into the game.

Who knew his QB heroics that day would be the last victory against Michigan for the next 7 years. Grr..

- Vico

Jeff Seemann said...

I'm getting a 404 error code. Oh well.

But hey Vico....I'm on that tape. Right after the Buckeyes score their first TD, the camera shows me in the end zone seats going nute (that's me in the #2 jersey at the tender age of 18). Haven't seen THAT in a long time (hint hint)

Anonymous said...

Just try the directory. It's a PNG file, but I'm not sure that should change anything.

I think I found the pic you were talking about. Of course, it's VHS resolution, so it's not crystal clear.

You can also try the directory (copy-paste) and find it there:

- Vico