Thursday, August 28, 2008

Michael Phelps to play for Michigan?

Well, not really, but ESPN's Ivan Maisel draws a scenario for it to happen. Michigan head coach Rich Rodriquez feeds into it as well.

Since Phelps trains in Ann Arbor, surely Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez has dropped a hint. He is starting five freshmen in the Wolverines' debut of his no-huddle spread Saturday against Utah. One more novice -- one who would challenge Tiger Woods on the competitive spectrum -- couldn't hurt.

"Oh, I would put him at wide receiver," Rodriguez said. "With those long arms, he'd be perfect."

How do you think Michigan's current wide recievers feel, knowing that their coach would bench them if a guy who shaves his chest showed up to practice?

I think it's cool that Michigan will be honoring Phelps at halftime of their game this weekend.

At the very least, somebody in the stadium will know what it's like to win 8 times this year.


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That was deliciously harsh.

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