Friday, August 29, 2008

Getting nervous before Game 1

Heading into tomorrow's kickoff against Youngstown State, I must admit I'm a bit nervous. About the game? Oh, HELL no.

I'm nervous that Time Warner Cable will screw the pooch.

If you haven't noticed yet, the channel isn't yet activated on your TWC cable box. Hell, the channel doesn't even EXIST yet. 18 hours before kickoff, if you try to go to channel 333, nada.

This morning, I called TWC and asked when the channel would be activated. The operator had no idea, so I asked her to please check. After being on hold for a while, she returned to say that her supervisor said "sometime just before kickoff". I don't know about you, but that's just not good enough.

If any of you actually trust a cable company to do something on time, I've got this great piece of real estate. Be at home between Noon and 4pm and I'll stop by to sell it to you.


Last year, if you remember (and I'll bet you didn't), the beginning of the OSU/YSU contest was not seen by Big Ten Network subscribers. The BTN forgot to flip a switch for the right channel, and we were all watching an alternate game for quite some time. Ohio State scored a touchdown before anybody got to see a down of Buckeye football on the new network that day.

So my fears were somewhat justified last year. I'm just not confident enough. TWC should have made today the target date and have 24 hours to fix any potential glitches or problems that arise.

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