Sunday, August 10, 2008

MIA from the Big Ten Bloggers

By now, the majority of my readers at The BBC know all about the Big Ten Bloggers (let's be frank, a majority of my readers come here because they see my link from OTHER BTB sites). We're a close group of enemies, we are.

The Big Ten Bloggers are seriously overloaded with sites from Ohio State, Michigan, and Penn State...but that's to be expected. Here are three schools with large fan bases, so it's to be expected that a lot of blogs would come from there.

But I was looking over the blogroll this evening, and I was struck by a rather glaring omission - the lack of quality output from Wisconsin and Illinois bloggers.

I have links to three sites from these two schools, and I'm seriously disappointed by them. Illinitalk hasn't been updated in 6 weeks, Wisconsin Badger Sports has gone four weeks dry, and Badgers Blog is just an online blog from an established print-media company (so I hardly give them credit for passion-based sports writing, like most of the BTB).

What gives, Badger/Illini fans?

Wisconsin has been an upper-echelon team of the Big Ten for a long time now, so I would expect some mild forms of hysteria expressed online for Badger football. As for Illinois, a BCS bid and some serious national spotlight should have driven some Illini fans from the internets (remember, it's not a truck, it's a series of tubes) out of hiding.

But yet, some slim pickings are still coming from two of our prominent teams, both favorites to see bowl action, most likely in January.

The grandfather of Big Ten Blogs, MGoBlog has a few other links to sites from these two, but again there's either no updates, or it's a non-football blog. But then again, MGo also is flawed in their lack of a link to The BBC (can't blame 'em though....I've picked on them before).

So does anybody out there have a good Illinois or Wisconsin blog they read? I'd love to hear some hype from these schools.

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kj (spartans weblog) said...

This is a good Wisconsin blog:

A couple decent Illinois blogs:

(Basketball only--not that there's anything wrong with that)