Monday, August 25, 2008

We could count the hours now, if you'd like

We have only 5 more days until college football returns!

Here's Chimdi Chekwa, preparing to make a lot of hits in 2008. He's going to have a great chance to shine early, and The BBC is putting stock in the kid, if only so we can hear Musburger scream "Chimdi Chekwa picks it off" on national TV.

Got your plans made for Saturday? Where will you be watching?

I'll be announcing my plans tomorrow or Wednesday (The BBC is going bar-to-bar in search of the best place to watch a Buckeye game in Stark/Summit counties)

Next up in the picture tour, to the left is Michael Wiley (notice how soooo many of the pictures of running backs have a half-dozen Michigan players WAY in the background?)

Wiley is currently #7 on the all-time rushing leaders at Ohio State (but only 785 yards ahead of Beanie Wells, so we expect Wiley to slip down a spot around mid-season).

Wiley's biggest claim to fame? He's the only player in Ohio State history to take the opening kickoff of a SEASON all the way back for a touchdown.

So, Michael and Chimdi, enjoy your day!

Go Bucks!

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Joshua said...

huge partay at my beach house. cornhole, scarlet & grey goose, grill & chill.

too bad i'm about an hour away in lorain county