Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sports Illustrated's Top 10 players in the Big Ten

You're going to love this list, and I have no reason to quarrel with it;

10) Curtis Painter, QB - Purdue
9) Greg Middleton, DE - Indiana
8) Alex Boone, LT - Ohio State
7) Javon Ringer, RB - Michigan State
6) Maurice Evans, DE - Penn State
5) Travis Beckum, TE - Wisconsin
4) Vontae Davis, CB - Illinois
3) Malcolm Jenkins, CB - Ohio State
2) James Laurinaitis, LB - Ohio State
1) Chris "Beanie" Wells, RB - Ohio State

These guys would certainly make my personal list (although Middleton is a surprise). It is interesting to note that no WRs are on the list (and it's widely accepted that Brian Robiskie is the B10s best at the position....I wonder if he is #11?).

Any objections/additions/changes to this list in your mind?


Matthew said...

There is no way Curtis Painter is the best QB in the Big 10. He has never beaten any team of consequence in his years of starting for the Boilermakers. He puts up big numbers against sub .500 teams. I don't think any QB in the Big 10 cracks the top ten of the conference's best players; I think either Marcus Freeman or Arrelious Benn should be #10.

Anonymous said...

No problems with #1 or #3. But no way Ultimate Warrior, Jr. is the #2. He is incredibly overrated.

J Money said...

Hmmm, it appears the OSU players are in bold. They must be really good.

Jeff Seemann said...

Matthew, I've gotta disagree. Painter scares me. I do believe he's the best QB in the league. But he's going to have a lot of opportunity to prove it this year without anybody worthwhile in the backfield at Purdue.

"Anonymous", I always love it when people fling out the overrated label on OSU linebackers. It iusually comes from PSU fans who still get wedgies over half-assed attempts to claim "Linebacker U" despite having the consistent second-or-third-best linebacking the Big Ten. Not the NCAA, just the Big Ten.

J Money. I swear, the internets automatically boldface those names. It just knows to do it, man. Scary.