Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Buckeye Hotspots begins

Throughout the 2008 season, I'll be setting up camp at a different location each Saturday, in my search for the best place to watch a Buckeye game (Stark/Summit counties). I'm calling it "Buckeye Hotspots" unless I think of a cooler name.

We'll visit ten locations* during the season, and we'll revisit the best location for our bowl game.

The main criteria that we are going to be judging is food quality, drink prices, game visibility (does the location have enough televisions to give everyone a good view), and atmosphere (does the location get involved with the spirit of Buckeye football, or did they just turn the TV to the right channel).

The BBC is proud to announce that the first Buckeye Hotspot will be the Winking Lizard in Canton. Come and join me at 5710 Fulton Dr NW. Click here for directions, and Go Buckeyes!

* = It's only ten games because I will be in San Diego visiting my girlfriend for the Minnesota game, and I will be attending either the Illinois game or the Michigan game)

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Anonymous said...

If you're ever in C-bus and want a real place, Rush Creek has an entire wall of huge projection TVs playing every college football game (with the sound obviously on the Buckeyes) and the rest of the TVs on the Buckeyes. All the TVs are high up and the tables are all down on a floor like a dinner theater, so everyone can see all the TVs. They play Buckeye fight songs during commercial breaks and Hang On Sloopy at the appropriate times. Of course if you're not there early it's SRO. Definitely a cool place.