Thursday, August 21, 2008

Site improvements/milestones

I'm working on a whole new domain and several site changes. I'm hoping to have everything finished by the end of the weekend, but my official goal is opening day.

I believe that a better look, coupled with the start of the season, will increase the amount of visitors and generally be a huge stepping stone for The BBC as we approach our second birthday. I have plenty of reason to believe this, and in fact our traffic is already increasing dramatically from last year's numbers.

August 2008 (which still has 10 days left in it) has the potential to be the highest-traffic month in the history of the BBC. It's in 5th place right now, rightfully so....Nov of '06 and '07 are the two tops, because the site really heats up during Michigan week, and the two months leading up to National Championships are also near the top.

I'd be pretty damn proud if The BBC's biggest month came in which most of the month was pre-season.

Incidentally, today marked the 100,000th page view that we've received since Day One. Not the biggest of milestones, but I'm happy.

There, have I talked enough to push the USC shirtless wonders below the fold? Phew.

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