Thursday, August 21, 2008

Joe Paterno - Creepy-Old-Guy, or Pants-Pooper?

This is the Big Ten Network's latest promo commercial, featuring all 11 coaches of the league.

Watch it and tell me if Paterno doesn't creep the Holy Bejeezus out of you;

I honestly think he did push a loaf out during that last line. Or, at his age, maybe I should just say "lose the ability to keep a loaf inside"

Someday I'll have to post the video from the 2006 game where Paterno actually DID make a boom-boom in his pants. He went racing off the field unexplained during the first half, and returned later in the game wearing different colored trou. You make the call.


Anonymous said...

I think we've found one of those rare things in life that Michigan and Ohio State fans can both agree on! Just came across this and it made my day. I've actually been saying it all along - JoePa should continue to hold off his retirement as long as possible because he brings great stuff like this to the Big Ten! But man, is he creepy...

Matthew said...

Let's be honest guys, I'm pretty sure JoePa was confused, and really thought he was on a recruiting visit. He didn't understand why the cameras were around, but hell he's been doing this since Eisenhower's administration, he just went to work and landed that crew of key grips and camera men into the Blue and White.