Saturday, August 30, 2008

Week One in the Big Ten

It's been a long time since I got see a full Saturday of college football (having worked in a sports-themed restaurant for the past 2+ seasons, it was impossible). Today was a real treat for me. I got to see large portions of more than a handful of games.

Thoughts on how the Big Ten performed today? OK, since you asked;

- Ohio State 43, YSU 0
You've seen my initial thoughts, but I'll elaborate more over the next couple of days.

- Penn State 173, Coastal Carolina 10
CC was getting clobbered from the moment they fumbled the opening kickoff. I don't think I can get a full assessment of how good PSU is from that game, but I did see a lot (and I mean A LOT) of broken tackles by Lions players. It looked to be a combination of good PSU play and bad CC effort.
Penn State had 334 yards of rushing, and they were not running up the score. 8 different players carried the ball, and nobody had more than 10 carries. Also, 13 different receivers made the box score. Yes, I said 13.

- Northwestern 30, Syracuse 10
The Wildcats have the potential and they could be a bowl team. The issue is, nobody really knows what kind of damage they can do. Since they played a lousy Syracuse team today, we still don't know what they are capable of, but I've gotta give them an "A" for playing with heart. They were losing to the Orangemen in the 3rd quarter, and they turned it up a notch. You didn't see much of that from this squad the last couple of seasons when they were down in the second half.

- Indiana 31, Western Kentucky 13
Kellen Lewis is a monster. Dude had 144 yards and 2 TDs in the air and 185 yards and 2 TDs on the ground. Those 185 rushing yards came on 9 carries. Yeah, that's correct...he averaged 21 yards a carry.

- Iowa 46, Maine 3
Kirk Ferentz needed a big win after a summer of being beaten to death by police blotters and bad news. He got it.
I didn't get to see this game, and I don't think this game was actually broadcast anywhere. It might have been kept off the air because of some obscure part of Megan's Law. I'll have to look into that.

-Wisconsin 38, Akron 17
The Badgers used a bruising run attack (404 rushing yards) to jump out to an early lead, then got a little scare thrown into them in the second quarter when Akron came back to within 7 points. It didn't last long.
The team that can slow down Wisky's running game will probably be able to beat them. Their passing game is going to struggle (they know it, too, only attempting 10 passes on the day).

-Utah 25, Michigan 23
Don't let anybody fool you. Michigan was in this game only because Utah let them stay in it. The Utes committed 15 penalties on the day, and made stupid mistakes all day long. A pass interference took away a Utah interception and gave Michigan their first TD. Then in the 4th quarter, Utah thought they had won and decided to stop playing. Plus, if somebody doesn't teach Utes QB Brian Johnson when to throw the ball away (and to actually throw it NEAR somebody when he does), they're in big trouble.
Michigan was downright awful on defense, and they have no go-to people anywhere to be found on offense (203 total yards, only 35 yards rushing, and 3-14 on third down). Johnson had over 300 yards passing against Michigan, and because he refused to throw the ball out of bounds, he had negative-66 yards rushing.
Penn State and Michigan State saw this game and are salivating.

-Minnesota 31, Northern Illinois 27
The best game of the entire day. It stayed close all game long, and when the Gophers found themselves down by 3 with 5 minutes to go, they put together a bruising drive for the game-winner (then held on against a near-miracle finish).
Minnesota won't win more than 5 games this year, but their fans found a new love. head Coach Tim Brewster sent his offense onto the field at the 4-yard line on 4th-and-2 with 30 seconds to play in a 3-point game. He could have gone for the easy tie and sent it into OT, but he wanted to send a message to his offense. the offense responded and got the first down and the win. Brewster could have been a major goat if his Gophers had failed that play, but this team needs confidence, and Brewster gave it to them. Kudos.

-Cal 38, Michigan State 31
This was a really exciting game, and MSU nearly won it. The Spartans are on the verge of being a great team. Right now, they are a good team and they will beat you because they take advantage of breaks when they go MSU's way. Sparty needed one more break tonight and couldn't seem to get it. The only problem is see with Michigan State right now is they lack defensive speed. It'll hurt them down the road, but they have the weapons on offense to make up for it.
Side note - ever seen any team thump their chest so much over basic plays like Cal did tonight? Outside of Miami, circa 1980s, of course.

-Missouri 52, Illinois 42
Damn, but I was having a tough time flipping back and forth between this game and MSU. I need a new remote control now.
Like offense? You'll love Illinois this year.
Like defense? You'll hate Illinois this year.

By the way, I think Purdue had a great weekend too. They didn't do anything wrong at all!

What are your thoughts on the Big Ten this weekend?

The new Michigan tradition

Bookend losses. One at the beginning of the regular season, one at the end.

I'd say to tell Rich Rodriquez about this other Michigan tradition, but he's just going to have to learn it for himself.

Seriously, dude....Mormons?

Did you see what you wanted to see?

Putting aside the scare we have going on with Beanie Wells, was the game what you expected it to be? Obviously the score indicates a blowout (and it could have been MUCH worse than that for YSU), but what about the intricacies of the game....were they good enough for you as a Buckeye fan?

Mid-week, I posted 8 things I wanted to see in the game. Here's what happened with them;

1) A touchdown on the very first Ohio State possession
Success. We made it interesting, but Wells ripped off a big run on 4th-and-1 for the score.

2) A stop on the very first YSU possession
Success. We got a three-and-out. YSU actually only got one first down in the entire first half, on a penalty.

3) Beanie Wells needs 100-120 yards in the first half
No, but with good reason. Tressel mixed up his game plan, giving second-and-third stringers early action, then putting starters back in throughout the second and third quarters. Beanie, had he played the entire first half, would have easily accomplished this.

4) FG kicking must be perfect on the day
Success. I'm impressed, too. We connected on a 51-yarder and a 54-yarder.

5) 4 to 6 sacks on defense
Not today. We got two, but it should be noted that we forced so many 3-and-outs that YSU didn't get an opportunity to try enough pass plays for us to sack them a lot. OK, so that's a weak argument.

6) 65%+ passing from Todd Boeckman
Success. 74 percent passing for Boeckman. He looked good.

7) At least three possessions for Terrelle Pryor
Success. He got three possessions, and led us to 10 points. His TD was really nice, too.

8) A TD pass for Joe Bauserman
Let's be honest, Hartline got his foot down in the end zone. But it doesn't count, so this one wasn't a success. He'll get one against Ohio.

For the day, I'd say I saw plenty of the stuff I was hoping to see. I'm happy with the 43-0 win. Now it'll be complete when I hear that Beanie's OK.

How about you?

X-Rays negative on Beanie, and oh yeah...we won

First of all, the news you're really wondering about;

Beanie Wells had x-rays taken, and they came out negative. No broken bones, and the immediate diagnosis is that we can eliminate the deepest fears about his right foot. Jim Tressel is giving a press conference now and is upbeat about him. Just said that they'll monitor him and it's a day-to-day thing.

As for the game, some things that stand out for me;

- I LOVED the fact that we mixed in a lot of backups early in the game. Boom Herron was the featured back on our second drive, Terrelle Pryor was the QB on the third drive, and we had three freshmen linemen in on offense (a LOT) in the first quarter.
- Tressel was determined to not let our punter play, wasn't he? Going for a 54-yard FG in the 4th quarter, and having Pryor go for it on 4th-and-7 in YSU territory late showed he was giving everyone (but the punter) a good look.
- Pryor is the real deal. I know he was playing against substandard competition, but he's got some game.
- The Penguins never their deepest penetration on the final play of the the Ohio State 46. They only had one snap on our side of the field the entire day.
- The defense was so good, it was almost boring.
- Total rushing yards, Ohio State 251, YSU negative-11


A full review later.....

(as I'm typing this, Michigan is running onto the field for their game. OOOH, Vernon Gholston just got another sack against them)

Gameday excitement has arrived

OK, so the excitement has been around for a long time, but you know what I mean.

If you're in the area, come on down to Winking Lizard in Canton. I'll be there watching the game for my "Buckeye Hotspots" week 1 review.

Later tonight, we'll talk more about the game at The BBC, and in the next couple days, I'll let you know if Winking Lizard is a worthwhile place to watch an Ohio State game.


By the way, if you're still frantically looking for channel 333/334 on your Time Warner Cable list, you won't find it. It's not been added yet. TWC has an automated announcement waiting for you when you call to ask about it. It says that the channel will not be added until kickoff.

As I mentioned yesterday, I have no faith that TWC will be able to add the channel at exactly the right moment. Plus, this shows that TWC knows absolutely nothing about the average college football fan.

We as college football fans ALWAYS turn the channel on AT LEAST 15 minutes before the show starts. In my 3 decades of watching the sport, I have NEVER once waited until the start of the game to turn to the right channel. But because of TWCs last-second maneuver, there will be tens of thousands of households that will have to wait until the last second, then find the channel to turn to it.

And that's IF TWC does the job right.

I just can't imagine what benefit this move has and why TWC would do this.

Anyway, I'll be out and since the channel will not be added until the last second, I can't possibly DVR it for later viewing. Somebody let me know if they added it on time.

Go Buckeyes!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Getting nervous before Game 1

Heading into tomorrow's kickoff against Youngstown State, I must admit I'm a bit nervous. About the game? Oh, HELL no.

I'm nervous that Time Warner Cable will screw the pooch.

If you haven't noticed yet, the channel isn't yet activated on your TWC cable box. Hell, the channel doesn't even EXIST yet. 18 hours before kickoff, if you try to go to channel 333, nada.

This morning, I called TWC and asked when the channel would be activated. The operator had no idea, so I asked her to please check. After being on hold for a while, she returned to say that her supervisor said "sometime just before kickoff". I don't know about you, but that's just not good enough.

If any of you actually trust a cable company to do something on time, I've got this great piece of real estate. Be at home between Noon and 4pm and I'll stop by to sell it to you.


Last year, if you remember (and I'll bet you didn't), the beginning of the OSU/YSU contest was not seen by Big Ten Network subscribers. The BTN forgot to flip a switch for the right channel, and we were all watching an alternate game for quite some time. Ohio State scored a touchdown before anybody got to see a down of Buckeye football on the new network that day.

So my fears were somewhat justified last year. I'm just not confident enough. TWC should have made today the target date and have 24 hours to fix any potential glitches or problems that arise.

Are you ready?

These guys clearly understand the history and the intensity of their jobs over the next four and a half months.

Let's do this!

Marcus Freeman to go!

The final day of the countdown. Tomorrow we'll all wake up and put on the scarlet and gray.

Enjoy your day, Marcus!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Michael Phelps to play for Michigan?

Well, not really, but ESPN's Ivan Maisel draws a scenario for it to happen. Michigan head coach Rich Rodriquez feeds into it as well.

Since Phelps trains in Ann Arbor, surely Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez has dropped a hint. He is starting five freshmen in the Wolverines' debut of his no-huddle spread Saturday against Utah. One more novice -- one who would challenge Tiger Woods on the competitive spectrum -- couldn't hurt.

"Oh, I would put him at wide receiver," Rodriguez said. "With those long arms, he'd be perfect."

How do you think Michigan's current wide recievers feel, knowing that their coach would bench them if a guy who shaves his chest showed up to practice?

I think it's cool that Michigan will be honoring Phelps at halftime of their game this weekend.

At the very least, somebody in the stadium will know what it's like to win 8 times this year.

What do you want to see on Satuday?

Game 1 of the 2008 season is less than 48 hours away, but nobody that I know of expects anything less than an Ohio State win. Hell, nobody expects anything except a blowout (except for the 80 people wearing Youngstown State clothing on the sidelines).

Whenever a lower-echelon team takes on a Top 5 squad, it's their game of the year. If they knock off one of the elite, their name will be sung throughout the land. So believe that YSU is taking this one seriously. But thanks to Appalachian State (and the eternal wisdom of Jim Tressel never letting his team look ahead), Ohio State will not be shocked by anything on Saturday.

But there are plenty of questions about the '08 version of the Ohio State Buckeyes, and we can start answering those slowly with a few steps on Saturday. Here's what I want to see from the Buckeyes as they take on the Penguins at Noon.

1) A touchdown on the very first Ohio State possession - The Buckeyes cannot start slow. There can be no questions about this team early. Be it a quick strike or a long sustained drive, they must begin their season forcefully.

2) A stop on the very first YSU possession - The Penguins do not have much of a chance and they know it. They'll fire out of the locker room with great enthusiasm, and the longer they get to stay energetic, the tougher it'll be on us. Push their hopes down fast and get inside their heads from play one. A three-and-out is not entirely necessary, but it'll help.

3) Beanie Wells needs 100-120 yards in the first half - Wells isn't going to see much game time in the second half, so getting his numbers early is important. Plus, if he gets to the century mark fast, it'll allow more time to see our backups in action. Give Boom Herron the ball and see what he does.

4) FG kicking must be perfect on the day - Our kicking unit has been the biggest weakness during pre-season. Ryan Pretorius' leg might make the difference in a big USC game, and the more confidence he has in Games 1 and 2, the better he'll be in Los Angeles.

5) 4 to 6 sacks on defense - I want to hear the talk about "no dropoff in talent" from the Big Ten announcers. There will be plenty of "how will the defensive line play with Vernon Gholston" discussion, and that'll squish it like a bug fast.

6) 65%+ passing from Todd Boeckman - The more accurate he is, the quicker he'll get to the bench, which leads us to;

7) At least three possessions for Terrelle Pryor - Let the kid see the field in Game 1 and he'll get at least a few jitters out of his system. He'll need it when he inevitably sees the field at USC for some trickery that Tressel has in store.

8) A TD pass for Joe Bauserman - He's going to be the forgotten QB, barring injury, for his Ohio State career. Let's give him some glory and put him in the scoring books for all eternity.

What do you want to see on Saturday? Add your points in the comments.

2 more days/3 more awesome Buckeyes!

Three of the best Buckeyes ever occupy the space today. It's completely unfair to even decide who gets to go first, so we'll go with the coolest picture!

Canton, Ohio's own Mike Doss. He won a state championship at McKinley, and wanted that feeling again so badly that he delayed applying for the NFL and returned to Ohio State for his senior season in 2002.

Risky? Hell yes. Did it pay off? Hell, yes!

Next up is our current owner of the #2 jersey, the incomparable Malcolm Jenkins....

(speaking of guys who came back to win it all their senior year....don't let us down, Jenkins!)

Finally, the master. The first Ohio State jersey I ever owned was this guy's number. The greatest pair of hands ever to don a Buckeye uniform, Cris Carter;

So with two days before kickoff, The BBC salutes you, Mike, Cris, and Malcolm. Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Channels 333, 334 - BTN on Time Warner

Just announced - the channel for the Big Ten Network will be channel 333 on Time Warner Cable. The alternate feed will be on channel 334.

If you do not have a cable box, you still can see the game! It's on channel 77.

The above information, courtesy Time Warner Cable pre-recorded message.

UPDATE - High-def feeds supposedly will be on Channel 757, but they "might" not have the HD set up until Monday, too late for Game 1, but cool for the following games.

Pre-season All-Americans? We've got four

ESPN just released their pre-season All-Americans list.

Florida's got two, both on offense
USC's got two, both on defense
LSU's got two, one on each
Oklahoma's got two, one on each

Those are the elite teams on the NCAA, agreed?

Ohio State's got four players on the team. Beanie Wells and Alex Boone on offense, James Laurinaitis and Malcolm Jenkins on defense.

Hell, yes.

If you're playing a down against Ohio State this year, be it offense or defense, there's two All-Americans on the other side on that line of scrimmage, waiting for you.

3 more days! 3 more days! 3 more days!

We're reaching back into history (just a little bit) for our Buckeye player of the day today.

That's Dimitrious Stanley to the left, one of our speedsters from the 90s.

And here's the highlight I remember the most from his days in scarlet and gray, the opening kickoff from the Notre Dame game in South Bend;

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Buckeye Hotspots begins

Throughout the 2008 season, I'll be setting up camp at a different location each Saturday, in my search for the best place to watch a Buckeye game (Stark/Summit counties). I'm calling it "Buckeye Hotspots" unless I think of a cooler name.

We'll visit ten locations* during the season, and we'll revisit the best location for our bowl game.

The main criteria that we are going to be judging is food quality, drink prices, game visibility (does the location have enough televisions to give everyone a good view), and atmosphere (does the location get involved with the spirit of Buckeye football, or did they just turn the TV to the right channel).

The BBC is proud to announce that the first Buckeye Hotspot will be the Winking Lizard in Canton. Come and join me at 5710 Fulton Dr NW. Click here for directions, and Go Buckeyes!

* = It's only ten games because I will be in San Diego visiting my girlfriend for the Minnesota game, and I will be attending either the Illinois game or the Michigan game)

Time-Warner loves the Big Ten again....maybe

Lots of stuff to discuss, so here goes.....

The Big Ten Network

Last night, Time Warner Cable announced that it had reached an agreement with the Big Ten Network. Thankfully, Ohio State fans will get to see every game from the comforts of home.

UPDATE - Some of my readers have pointed out that the BTN is supposed to be part of a sports package that many people will already have. This of course, lessens my fears of an overloaded customer-service system at TWC. Here's hoping they are right. They probably are.
Quoted below is what I originally wrote, but it looks as if it's all just me getting paranoid.
As of now, no details about the agreement are available, and any calls made to TWC are met with a pre-recorded announcement praising the upcoming broadcast of Buckeye games. But TWC is not accepting any orders to add the channel yet. They claim that the channel will be added "in time for Ohio State's first game", but will it be ready in time to accept all their suscribers' calls, and add the channel to that many people's packages.

If you called up Time Warner Cable last week and asked them to add HBO, you would have that channel within five minutes. No problem. But the anticipated number of callers last week was relatively low. Your request could be completed fast because there wasn't a backlog of callers waiting.

When you call to add BTN, you'll be one of (at least) tens of thousands of people trying to do the same thing.

Time Warner Cable still has to do a LOT before you can see the game on Saturday. The biggest task at hand is finding enough hours in the day and enough customer service representatives to handle the crush of people who will want to add the BTN.

They only have 95 hours to get all these people added in time, and they're not even taking calls for it yet. Cross your fingers, and do NOT wait until Friday or later to call them.
In the meantime, I'm excited to see BTN show up on my channel listing.

The Cleveland Indians

Who the hell do these guys think they are? Less than three weeks ago, they were 16 games under .500 and cruising towards the offseason. No hope in sight, just 25 players battling for spots on the 2009 squad.

A week ago, I posted a quick blurb about how they had a relatively easy schedule in the near future and that they could regain some respect with a late-season surge.
The Indians have won 8 of their last 11 games and have a pretty easy schedule down the stretch. If you're asking me if I think they'll make up 15 games in the final 6 weeks, my answer is hell no...but they could make it fun.
Last night the Tribe won their 8th straight game, and are 14-3 in their last seventeen games. They stand at 11.5 games back of Chicago, and a win tonight will put them in third place. Cliff Lee (18-2) takes the mound against a guy making his first pitch ever in the big leagues.

I still don't believe the Indians are playing past Game #162, but at least they're making it fun for us down the stretch.

Of course, now that I've mentioned it, the odds of Lee winning have decreased.....

Troy Smith

He was all set to start last week and capture the top QB role for Baltimore, but a virus derailed it. Baltimore is left with more questions than answers as they head into Thursday's pre-season finale. Apparantly, the job is Smith's if he's healthy. But that is in doubt, as he is still missing practices while taking antibiotics.

Here's hoping Troy gets healthy fast and gets on that field. He's a good guy and I'd like to see him get the starting job.

Chad Henne

The Miami Dolphins have chosen their starting QB for the 2008 season opener (and beyond). Chad Pennington gets the job.

Chad Henne is not the best quarterback in Miami. Hell, he's not even the best quarterback in Miami whose name is Chad.

No further comment necessary.

Michigan Football

Following up on Michigan RB Kevin Grady, who was arrested for DUI a few weeks ago (he blew a 0.271 in the breathalizer), Rich Rodriquez did the right thing and suspended Grady for at least the Utah game.

But I'll be honest with you....I'm thinking he's still too drunk to play anyway.


I want to thank all my readers. I started this blog in the early stages of the 2006 season, and a prominent blogger told me that he liked my writing and to "keep writing, and people will notice." Thank you, BBC readers for noticing.

August 2008 will be the most popular month in BBC history. We will have topped our all-time highs in both visits and page views before the Buckeyes even take the field on Saturday. If this blog is getting personal bests in the amount of visitors before the season, I can't wait to see the traffic once things get underway.

I'm truly honored by your continued visits, and I promise to keep improving this site for your enjoyment.

4 days left

Once again, there are SO many greats to choose from when it comes to wearing #4 at Ohio State. Let's start off with the current owner of the jersey, Ray Small;

Next up, our beloved Santonio Holmes, before he went all yucky on us in a Squeelers uniform;

From the National Championship team of 2002, here's Chris Vance;

And finally, how could we ignore Herbie The Great?

And for a bonus, here's video of Kirk taking it 72 yards. On a freaking option.

Can't wait til Saturday!

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Herbie Awards have arrived

Former Buckeye quarterback (and current top-10 reason for sterility in college-age women) Kirk Herbstreit has released his annual list of Herbies.

Face it, the guy's so cool he gets his own awards list. Anyway, there's a full list to be found on, but The BBC would like to cherry-pick a few awards and take it from there;

- Beanie Wells is listed as the Top Running Back. Damn right, he is. Knowshon Moreno, who has the stupidest name in college football this year, is a close second. Herbie gives a nice shout-out to Javon Ringer at MSU, which just proves he knows what he's talking about.

- Best WR? Can't argue with Michael Crabtree at Texas Tech. The guy is likely to get more yards per game than a lot of QBs will. Special note - Brian Robiskie is the highest-rated B10 WR.

- Travis Beckum gets his due at tight end, as he should. The biggest question is whether or not anybody will be able to throw it to him.

- Tebow and Stafford at Georgia get top honors for various QB honors, and Todd Boeckman gets #2 in the "What a difference a year makes". Not bad that they give awards for future improvement to a guy who got to the BCS title game.....

- Top honors go to Buckeyes in multiple categories, including OL, inside linebacker, outside linebacker, and cornerback. Yeah, true dat Herbie. True dat.

It isn't until late in the awards presentation before I get a little bit peeved. Under "Coaches that will exceed expectations", he's listed Charlie Weis. Sorry to say it Herb, but Charlie Weis will ALWAYS live up to his expectations, because NOBODY ever faults him when his team sucks. He's always considered a God, and he's never done anything at ND. Until Irish fans get their heads out of their asses and stop blaming Ty Willingham for everything Charlie Weis can't do, it'll never end. Weis sucks, end of story.

The preceding paragraph was written without use of the words "heavy", "fat", or "gargantuan buffet-devouring man-boy". I deserve props.

Finally, it's worth noting that Herbie selected his "All-Uni Team -- What A College Football Team Should Look Like". 20 percent of the entire list wears scarlet and gray.

Damn right.

I'm bored. Here's some facts about the Tressel era

While I'm doing some finishing work on the new site (like that fancy new logo, do ya?), I'm taking a little break to post.

Let's be honest. This Saturday is a warm-up game. We're fine-tuning what we can in expectation of an easy win over Youngstown State. How many different ways can you preview that?

I'll leave that to the rest of the blogosphere. Me, I'm going to give you cold, hard facts about the man inside the sweatervest, Jim Tressel.

Since joining the Buckeyes, Tressel is 73-16, for an .820 winning percentage.

When Tressel's team takes the field on Saturday, it'll be his 90th game as a head coach here.
- His team has been ranked in the Top 25 an incredible 77 times out of those 90 games.
- 62 of those games, the Buckeyes have been ranked in the Top10.

When Ohio State is the higher-ranked team, they are 63-10
When Ohio State is the lower-ranked team, they are 5-3
When neither team is ranked, Ohio State is 6-3

During the regular season, Ohio State is 69-13
During Bowl games, Ohio State is 4-3
In BCS Bowls, Ohio State is 3-2

In 86 of Tressel's 89 Ohio State games, the Buckeyes have either won, or had the ball with a chance to win in the 4th quarter.

Under Tressel, the Buckeyes score 28.8 points per game
Under Tressel, the Buckeyes allow 15.6 points per game.

There ya go. Time to get back to building a website!

We could count the hours now, if you'd like

We have only 5 more days until college football returns!

Here's Chimdi Chekwa, preparing to make a lot of hits in 2008. He's going to have a great chance to shine early, and The BBC is putting stock in the kid, if only so we can hear Musburger scream "Chimdi Chekwa picks it off" on national TV.

Got your plans made for Saturday? Where will you be watching?

I'll be announcing my plans tomorrow or Wednesday (The BBC is going bar-to-bar in search of the best place to watch a Buckeye game in Stark/Summit counties)

Next up in the picture tour, to the left is Michael Wiley (notice how soooo many of the pictures of running backs have a half-dozen Michigan players WAY in the background?)

Wiley is currently #7 on the all-time rushing leaders at Ohio State (but only 785 yards ahead of Beanie Wells, so we expect Wiley to slip down a spot around mid-season).

Wiley's biggest claim to fame? He's the only player in Ohio State history to take the opening kickoff of a SEASON all the way back for a touchdown.

So, Michael and Chimdi, enjoy your day!

Go Bucks!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cie Grant's two most wonderful moments

It doesn't matter that you can't see the #6 in the know damn well who it is yanking around Ken Dorsey to win the National Championship.

It's Cie Grant, #6 in the program, #1 in your heart.

Grant was always a strong defender, and he had a moment to remember in the Fiesta Bowl on January 3rd, 2003.

Facing 4th-and-goal in the second overtime, the Miami Hurricanes came to the line with three receivers. Add Kellen Winslow Jr into the mix (and the fact that star RB Willis McGahee was finished with a nasty injury), and you just knew this was a passing situation.

Cie Grant showed zone coverage, and then slipped to the line of scrimmage, blitzing past the Miami line just as the ball was snapped. Dorsey never had a chance, and his desperation toss to Winslow didn't get within 10 yards of him, and the Buckeyes won their first National Championship since 1968.

And if that moment wasn't enough to bring tears of joy to your eyes, there was this a week later, when Grant took the microphone at the ceremony to honor the Buckeyes;


Cie Grant, enjoy your day!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Big Ten Pick'ems - The reigning champion speaks

In 2007, the Big Ten Bloggers had a friendly little game of prognostication. A Pick'Em contest, run admirably by Tom, (the Blogger Formerly Known as Gopher Nation) who has a nifty new site over at The Daily Gopher.

Last year, there was a two-way tie for the championship between the aforementioned Tom and yours truly. I'm back this year to defend my title.

So with the season opener bearing down on us, I bring you my picks for Week 1 of the BTB Pick'Em contest;

The games

- Syracuse vs Northwestern
- W Kentucky vs. Indiana
- Youngstown State vs. The Ohio State University
- Coastal Carolina vs Penn State
- Akron vs. Wisconsin
- Maine vs. Iowa
- Utah vs. Michigan
- Northern Illinois vs. Minnesota
- Michigan State vs. Cal
- Illinois vs. Missouri

My picks

- Northwestern over Syracuse
- Indiana over Western Kentucky
- Ohio State over YSU
- Penn State over Coastal Carolina
- Wisconsin over Akron
- Iowa over Maine
- Utah over Michigan
- Minnesota over Northern Illinois
- Michigan State over Cal
- Illinois over Missouri


Northwestern over Syracuse
- Not many people give Northwestern their due. Despite being 10th in the Big Ten last year, they were almost bowl-bound, finishing at 6-6. I look for them to be improved this year and get to play in December. Syracuse? They suck.

Indiana over Western Kentucky
- The Hoosiers shocked a lot of teams last year and they have the most underpaid head coach in league history. QB Kellen Lewis is dying to explode on the field after some off-season problems. Western Kentucky is actually a good squad, and their RB is looking to have another 1,000-yard season. Unfortunately for WKU, he's all they've got this year.

Ohio State over YSU
- You don't really need me to explain, do you?

Penn State over Coastal Carolina
- The only stat in question is how many fans will post their own pre-game crimes on YouTube. I vote for three. But this game will give a LOT of opportunity for Penn State to answer the "pretender/contender" questions. I still think they are contenders.

Wisconsin over Akron
Akron has the 88th-best run defense in the NCAA. Wisconsin likes to run the ball (and may be their only offensive weapon this year until they find a QB good enough to carry Travis Beckum's jockstrap). Easy enough to predict the outcome of this game.

Iowa over Maine
- By the end of the season, Iowa might have more players in county lockup than they will in the stadium. But this is the first game of the year, and it's Maine. Look for a lot of pent-up frustrations to be released on the (whatever Maine's mascot is).

Utah over Michigan
- Really, would it be an upset if it happened? Not really. Utah is expected to have a ten-win season and Michigan still doesn't have their two-deep chart set up. The Utes had the 18th-best defense in the NCAA last year and they're looking for that breakout win to show the country they are for real. Michigan's been plagued by the injury bug the past few weeks and no matter how good RichRod was in WVA, there are no Slatons, Whites or Devines anywhere near Ann Arbor.

Northern Illinois over Minnesota
- Minnesota doesn't have much going for it, and second-year head coach Tim Brewster desperately needs something for his kids to build upon. Anything to build confidence in his team. A game against 2-10 NIU should do the trick.

Michigan State over Cal
- This should be one hell of a game. Big Ten vs. Pac-10, on prime-time TV. ABC's first big Saturday Night Game. Most years, it'd be a nasty scene for the visiting school, but I've got confidence in Mark Dantonio. He's gots himself a good football education (he was an assistant at Ohio State, nudge nudge wink wink). I'm calling the upset, which should help defray some of the anti-Big Ten screams

Illinois over Missouri
- A lot of the BTB is down on Illinois, thinking perhaps 2007 was a fluke year. That may be, but the Illini don't know it yet. I expect to see them fly high into Missouri and knock off what I think was an overrated Tiger squad last year. Plus, I really need them to be 10-0 when Ohio State visits them. I have tickets to sell to that game, and I'll get more money for them.

Day #7 - the discovery of who God is

It's a fact....there is truly no way to determine the best player to honor on some days. Day #7 is by far the toughest day to choose. So we won't even try. But here's a BEVY of photos for you to enjoy, all of players who wore #7 during their career at Ohio State;

First up is Ted Ginn Jr. He once ran so fast down the field, that the earth began to reverse rotation. Warner Brothers Studios slapped an immediate Cease And Desist on him for violating copyright.

Now comes Chris Gamble, the man who could play 120 plays in a game and ask for more. He once shot a man just to watch him die.

Along comes Joey Galloway, one of the best receivers of his generation. On NFL Draft Day, HE called up teams and told them whether or not they could draft him. He also called Al Davis a pussy.

Joe Germaine, who led the 1998 team right down the field on the winning drive. It was later discovered that Germaine scored the final TD with 17 Arizona State defensive players on the field for the entire drive. Also, during the season, he allowed Stanley Jackson to co-QB, but only when he "grew tired of playing the game with you mere mortals".

Cornelius Greene, QB-extraordinaire from the early 70s. This photo was shot with a color camera, but Greene's speed was so intense that cameras could either decide to accept a blurry image or accept a black-and-white image. Nobody could explain it until Joe Germaine used his enormous brain to calculate the reasons why.

Greene went on to host "Soul Train" for 5 years, and he also gained a reputation as a private dick who's a sex machine to alllll the chicks. Damn right.

While writing this post, I had an epiphany.

All the great players who wore #7 at Ohio State have their last names begin with the letter G.

Therefore, God loves Ohio State and wants to wear #7 for us.

I report, you decide.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Roy Hall brings us down the home stretch

It's Roy Hall day! 8 days left!

Pictured left, Hall scoring an early TD against Iowa from 2006.

Both teams were 4-0 heading into the game and there was a lot of concern among Buckeye fans about playing a Top 15 Iowa team on their home field at night.

Yeah, that didn't last long. Ohio State 38, Iowa 17. Lots and lots of sad faces in the crowd that's a few;

BHGP is gonna be pissed.....

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Site improvements/milestones

I'm working on a whole new domain and several site changes. I'm hoping to have everything finished by the end of the weekend, but my official goal is opening day.

I believe that a better look, coupled with the start of the season, will increase the amount of visitors and generally be a huge stepping stone for The BBC as we approach our second birthday. I have plenty of reason to believe this, and in fact our traffic is already increasing dramatically from last year's numbers.

August 2008 (which still has 10 days left in it) has the potential to be the highest-traffic month in the history of the BBC. It's in 5th place right now, rightfully so....Nov of '06 and '07 are the two tops, because the site really heats up during Michigan week, and the two months leading up to National Championships are also near the top.

I'd be pretty damn proud if The BBC's biggest month came in which most of the month was pre-season.

Incidentally, today marked the 100,000th page view that we've received since Day One. Not the biggest of milestones, but I'm happy.

There, have I talked enough to push the USC shirtless wonders below the fold? Phew.

News from USC - now it's just getting uncomfortable

Seriously, I wish I were making this all up....but I'm not.

Most of us who love college football enough to blog about it are guys. And most of us have been in the prototypical-yet-moronic "nuh, uh, YOU'RE gay" argument with other sports-loving guys. It's a rite of passage and we've all been there, except most of us don't actually give the other side EVIDENCE.

If you're a fan of USC, and you're reading this blog, please tell your favorite team to stop rolling around with other half-naked men. It's just making all of us snicker.

Here's the latest piece of evidence - USC starting wide receiver (note - not a tight end, snicker) Vidal Hazelton and his "friends" at a "party" recently;

Yes, there was lots of posing. LOTS of posing.

The only thing missing is....well, girls.

These curious pictures are just the latest in a serious of confusing details about the USC football program.

About a month ago, we were treated to a FAB-U-LOUS little video from a USC recruiting weekend. Take special note of the 50+-year-old men taking their shirts off with the 18-year-old boys so everyone could be a party to the FUN!

Then came the "he looks way too at-ease in those" photos of USC LB Rey Mataulaugugageaga;

This was followed shortly by a barely-mentioned story out of USC training camp that included guys placed on the injury list with.....ummmm, jock itch.
"It burns," receiver Travon Patterson said.
Yeah, I bet it does.

Looking over all the evidence, this goes WAY past the "tee-hee Matt Leinart is SO ghey" territory. We're entering Pride Parade material now.

Sports Illustrated's Top 10 players in the Big Ten

You're going to love this list, and I have no reason to quarrel with it;

10) Curtis Painter, QB - Purdue
9) Greg Middleton, DE - Indiana
8) Alex Boone, LT - Ohio State
7) Javon Ringer, RB - Michigan State
6) Maurice Evans, DE - Penn State
5) Travis Beckum, TE - Wisconsin
4) Vontae Davis, CB - Illinois
3) Malcolm Jenkins, CB - Ohio State
2) James Laurinaitis, LB - Ohio State
1) Chris "Beanie" Wells, RB - Ohio State

These guys would certainly make my personal list (although Middleton is a surprise). It is interesting to note that no WRs are on the list (and it's widely accepted that Brian Robiskie is the B10s best at the position....I wonder if he is #11?).

Any objections/additions/changes to this list in your mind?

Joe Paterno - Creepy-Old-Guy, or Pants-Pooper?

This is the Big Ten Network's latest promo commercial, featuring all 11 coaches of the league.

Watch it and tell me if Paterno doesn't creep the Holy Bejeezus out of you;

I honestly think he did push a loaf out during that last line. Or, at his age, maybe I should just say "lose the ability to keep a loaf inside"

Someday I'll have to post the video from the 2006 game where Paterno actually DID make a boom-boom in his pants. He went racing off the field unexplained during the first half, and returned later in the game wearing different colored trou. You make the call.

Three amazing Buckeyes days to go!

Folks, we're into single digits finally....there's only 9 days left before kickoff!

The countdown we have been running has been a lot of fun, but there are days that you have to make a decision on who to post. A lot of times, when we have more than one player we could post, we'll put up pictures of multiple Buckeyes, and then highlight one of them.

We're doing that again today.

We have three potential Buckeyes to post as our #9 day. Let's start off with the current player!

Brian Hartline has been a wonderful surprise. He's got amazing speed and soft hands. There are some who compare him to Anthony Gonzalez, and I have no problem agreeing with that. Teams who focus on Robiskie this year will have to contend with getting burned by Hartline.

Also, his cousin is a close friend of mine, and she's smokin' hot.

Next up is a recent Buckeye, 2006 graduate Donte Whitner.

There's not much you can say about this kid, except that he was a monster if the ball came anywhere near him. Either you were leaving your feet or the ball wasn't getting to you if Whitner had anything to say about it.

But the guy we're going to highlight today comes from the previous decade.

10 years ago, David Boston played on one of the greatest Ohio State teams ever to take the field.

He was the primary receiver on an amazing offensive squad, and he knew it. Going into the Michigan game, he had two things on his mind, victory and revenge.

In the 1997 game, Boston and Michigan's Charles Woodson went at each other all day long, even throwing hard slaps at each other's heads for a few seconds. There was no doubt that the two players didn't like each other very much.

But later in the game, Boston up for a pass that sailed high over everybody's head, and Michigan DB Marcus Ray took advantage of it and laid a cheap shot into the back of Boston.

Boston didn't forget that moment, and he got both his wishes in the 1998 game. He got the victory, and he got his revenge on Ray;

Yes, Boston got a flag on the play. It meant we had to kick the extra point from 15 yards further away (oh, no....not that!) The Buckeyes won that day 31-16.

David Boston, here's to you! Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Early evening wrapup

As we get closer and closer to opening day, you will see a lot of blogs increase their output. The BBC is no exception. College football may be the #1 priority of the specific blog, but it's not the only sport in town. With that, here's a few other subjects rattling around the BBC braintrust.

NFL preseason

...or, as ESPN calls it "Brett Favre and a bunch of other teams that might play against Brett Favre this year."

If you're new to the BBC (and judging by the increased page visit numbers from 2007, you are), it should be pointed out that we're based in Northeast Ohio, and are therefore fans of the Cleveland Browns. However, on Monday night for a span of about 3 hours, I disavowed any knowledge of the Browns, because they apparently were nowhere to be found.

The bad news is that against the Giants Monday night, they looked like the least-disciplined team I'd ever seen in the NFL. Stupid penalties, horrible ball-handling, confusion all around.

The good news is that it was pre-season. Nobody cares.

Last year, the Browns had a first quarter similar to the opening fiasco against New York....the only difference is that it was in a meaningful game, the season-opener against Pittsburgh. Let's just put that behind us and hope that the 2008 Browns learn their lessons as fast as they did in 2007.

Derek Anderson/Brady Quinn

Prior to the 2007 season, Brady Quinn held out of camp in a contract dispute. I have no qualms in saying that his dispute cost him the starting job. If he had been in camp on Day One, he would have been better prepared and may have been given the starting nod when Charlie Frye fell flat on his face.

BQ, meet your second chance in life.

Derek Anderson suffered a mild concussion against the Giants and will sit out this Saturday's game against the Lions. It is believed that he will miss the final preseason game, but that's not yet been determined. Quinn gets the starting nod in his place, and is expected to take snaps into the third quarter.

Granted, one pre-season half of play will not automatically give him the full-time gig, but the benefits of getting reps with the first team all week in practice can only increase his chances. If he shines on Saturday, we've got ourselves a quarterback controversy.

Troy Smith

Considering this is his day on the BBC, this is a nice piece of news. Smith will start at QB for Baltimore in this weekend's pre-season game against St. Louis.

Smith started last weekend's game, but the Ravens only called five pass plays with him on the field. On the ground, TS picked up 35 yards in only three carries.

Smith is in the same boat as Quinn...he's not being given the job, but he has an extraordinary opportunity to steal it away for himself. A bevy of reps with the first-team offense in practice, and an extended stay on the field in the game might get him the nod in Week 1 at home against Cincinnati. (note to Troy - Leon Hall plays defense for Cinci. You already own that little bitch. Whip his ass. Oh, and Carson Palmer said some stuff about your college team. Ask to play defense and whip his ass too)

Kyle Boller came into the year as the shaky frontrunner for the job, but has clearly lost his foothold, especially after turning the ball over twice last week and three times in the Ravens two games. ESPN is reporting that Boller may not even play against St. Louis.

Step it up, Troy and get that job.

The Cleveland Indians

This season was doomed early on, with the injuries to four key players, Travis Hafner, Victor Martinez, Fausto Carmona and Jake Westbrook. Two of our best offensive weapons and two of our top three pitchers were gone early. Add in the misery of an April for CC Sabathia, and it was all but over.

So there hasn't been much joy at the Jake (yes, I'm calling it the Jake, dammit). Until now.

The Indians have won 8 of their last 11 games and have a pretty easy schedule down the stretch. If you're asking me if I think they'll make up 15 games in the final 6 weeks, my answer is hell no...but they could make it fun.

But then again....22 of their next 25 games are against teams below .500. Could it be?

Nah, I'd better not get carried away.


College football must be fast approaching. I have my own special way of telling. It's when Michigan fans start barraging my YouTube videos with negative comments, and pounding their chests with how "awesum teh Wolverines are gonna B". They especially like to play Keyboard Kommandoes on my "Ohio State OWNS Michigan" and "Chad Henne Is A Joke" videos (with a combined 432,000 views, than you).

Last year, they disappeared quickly (losing to 1-AA schools tend to do that to a fanbase), but I expect them to stay hyperactive through most of the season in '08. They'll keep hugging RichRod's nutsack until his failures become their own, same as Carr. Then, just before they can begin to scream for Rodriquez to be fired, he'll weasel out of his contract to coach somewhere else. You know it, I know, even THEY know it.

But in case you're wondering why you don't see any anti-OSU comments on the YouTube vids....I delete them and block the user as soon as they pop up. YouTube gives the video author that power, and dammit I'm gonna use it. It's especially funny when they re-register and try to post the same comment. Dude, I push two buttons ('Block User' and 'Remove Comment') and you're gone again. Don't waste your time.

News on my dad

Hey, thanks for all your nice comments and e-mails last week.

Dad's doing much better, and is back on track for rehab/physical therapy. His problems did indeed stem from steroids. he wasn't getting enough to control everything following his brain surgery (there's a message, kids. Make sure you get enough steroids!). He's going to be in the hospital recovering for at least another week, maybe 2 or 3. He's not happy about it, but he's even more upset that the hospital doesn't have the Big Ten Network, and he'll miss the opener against YSU.

Attaboy, Dad. Priorities.

An open letter to Coach Tressel

Eleven Warriors points out that Jim Tressel is in tune with the blogosphere (especially Buckeye ones), and that he's a bit upset over some online discussion about a closed practice on Sunday.
“Some of our people brought in little blog sites [that said] ‘We saw this’ and ‘We saw that’ and ‘We saw this,’ ” Tressel said. “I guess you’re just trying to lower the percentage of that going on. Our coaches work hard on what we’re trying to prepare and would rather not have their thoughts and ideas and game plans out there kicked around until they get to showcase them.”
A few thoughts on this, coach;

1) I've just scanned through some of the best-known blogs that follow Ohio State. Eleven Warriors had nothing on Saturday, nor did MotSaG, Our Honor Defend, Around The Oval, Buckeye Commentary, Dotting The I, or yours truly, the Buckeye Battle Cry.

But I did find one site online that told a LOT about the was a local print newspaper, the Canton Repository. Writer Todd Porter wrote plenty about the practice, including the results of the scrimmage, who stood out, and some details about Pryor.

I've been able to locate plenty about this year's Ohio State team, and the info is readily available all over the internets. But the only info I got on the closed scrimmage from Saturday came from a guy who had the credentials. Perhaps all of his words were approved by you, but the point is, that was the only place that I located any info about the scrimmage.

2) We at the Buckeye blogs are your friends, coach. We are also your most avid supporters and defenders. When things go wrong, we will go into great detail to dissect what we saw and what we would like to see in ways of improvement. When things go right, we are the first ones to pour on the praise and speculate on what it means for the future.

When the vultures start showing up (and believe me, they show up anonymously on our sites constantly), we are the ones who defend you night and day.

Sportswriters have editors and advertisers and media consultants and filters and everything that forces them to stop and re-think every word they write. We bloggers have none of those barricades. We get to publish our thoughts, and our readers are the only ones who give us guidance and further insight.

Lest you think that we bloggers can turn into a wild pack of insane asses, think again. There are so many of us out here, that the cream does indeed rise to the top, while the blogs which feature insane ramblings get shunned right into minuscule page view numbers.

Reach out to us, coach. Invite us into the press conferences and the practices. We can and will follow the rules of proper journalism, and we can do it quicker and more frequently than the 20th-century form of journalists. If you have something you want pushed, tell us about it. We don't have a three-article-per-week limit on what we can publish. We can hit the site as much as needed and write as much as we can about the team we love so very much.

Talk to the AD. Find three press passes for Ohio State bloggers and give us a chance at the Ohio State/Ohio game this year. We'll make sure that three respected bloggers show up and do their job as good as or better than any local newspaper. We'll prove to you that we can and will do the job admirably.

There are thousands of college football blogs out here now. You can help us evolve into a more accepted form of journalism by providing better access. Give us that chance, and I assure you we won't let you down.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Only three amazing quarterbacks left to go!

There are only ten days left before college football returns to Columbus, Ohio.

Let's say you have your choice of who to post a picture of, representing Ohio State in a #10 have a tough choice to make.

Do you choose......

Art Schlichter, a four-year starter (under Woody, who HATED starting freshmen), and finished in the Top 10 of Heisman voting in three of those years?

When the guy left college, he was Ohio State's career leader in total offense. Pretty impressive....

Do you choose......

Rex Kern, Mr. All-American, who won two National Championships and led his teams to a 27-2 mark over a three-year span?

The guy was the leader of the Super Sophs, and you cannot deny his historical place at The Ohio State University.

Well, if you're me, you can't deny either player their rightful spot to #10. But I'm going with the guy that most of you would select.....

Troy Smith. Who else?

Let's look over the brilliant history, shall we?

- Heisman trophy winner, 2006
- As a starter, he was 25-3 overall
- Won his last 15 Big Ten games
- 58 career TDs, only 13 INTs
- Went 3-0 against Michigan
- Gained 1,051 total yards in three games against Michigan by himself. The Wolverines total yards as a team in those same games? 1,051 total yards.

Fact is, the guy had a wheelbarrow full of amazing plays and highlights. You can't find one play that sums up Smith, you need a dozen or so.

My favorite, though is the play against UM with Gonzalez shown in yesterday's post, tied with a similar play against Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl (shown at the 2:04 mark of my Troy Smith highlight video here;

That Notre Dame play was on third-and-long, and broke the backs of the Irish.

Tell me, what was your favorite all-time play by Troy Smith? Put it in the comments, I'd love to hear about it!

My friend Troy Smith....enjoy your day!

This one goes to 11

11 days left! I do love these countdowns.

Anthony Gonzalez first showed up on a Buckeye highlight reel when Ted Ginn Jr and Santonio Holmes were the star receivers at The Ohio State University. He could have easily faded into the background, but talent like AG doesn't stay hidden long.

As a freshman, he quickly found Buckeye fans clamoring to own a #11 jersey (especially after a 68-yard TD catch against Michigan in the first two minutes of the 2004 game, pictured here).

But it was Gonzalez' sophomore game against Michigan that OSU fans remember the best.

November 19, 2005 - With only 7 and a half minutes to play, Michigan fans were in celebration mode after their team took a commanding 21-12 lead over the Buckeyes. But Ohio State was prepared to show Wolverine fans that the party wasn't started yet.

It took just 5 plays and barely over a minute of the game clock for QB Troy Smith to go down the field for a TD strike to Holmes, cutting the deficit down to 21-19. The ensuing Michigan drive stalled quickly, but a punt pinned Ohio State at their own 12 with just over 4 minutes left in the game.

The Buckeyes never even faced a third down on that winning drive, as Smth, Holmes and Ginn sliced through the defense in 6-to-11 yard chunks.

And then it happened.

At the Michigan 31 yard line, the Buckeyes lined up for first down. Ten seconds later, nobody could believe what they had just witnessed;

Smith dancing away from a tackle was a work of art, and Gonzalez' catch was pure magic.

Being down two points and having a deadly placekicker, the game was all but over. But Tressel didn't want to leave much time on the clock, so he ran Smith off right tackle to burn some clock (and force Michigan to use their final time out). With under 30 seconds to play, RB Antonio Pittman blasted through a demoralized Michigan squad for the winning score, and the celebration shifted from 105,000 fans in blue to the 5K wearing scarlet.

For that amazing catch, Anthony Gonzalez, enjoy your day!

Oh, and because I love countdowns.....

.....days until Michigan

Monday, August 18, 2008

Holy Buckeye! Only 12 days until kickoff

You can watch hours of highlights from Ohio State games of the past, and you will never find a moment better than the one pictured to the left.

November 9th, 2002 - Ohio State visits Purdue, and although the Boilermakers were not ranked, they were viewed as a formidable threat to the Buckeyes' perfect season.

The Buckeyes were not going to be known this season as an offensive juggernaut, but they always seemed to score the points when necessary. On this day, that was in serious doubt.

Leading rusher Maurice Clarett left the game with a stinger in his shoulder and was unavailable for any late heroics. Trailing 6-3, Ohio State got the ball back on offense with just over 2 minutes to play. Facing third-and-13, QB Craig Krenzel found TE Ben Hartsock on the left sideline. Hartsock's catch and run was valiant, but it left the Buckeyes with a 4th-and-1 at Purdue's 37-yard-line.

What followed is what legends are made of;

Love him or hate him, Brent Musburger's call will bring tears of happiness to any Buckeye fans on that day.

Purdue had a shot at winning the game following this play, but Chris Gamble made an outstanding interception on his own 10-yard-line to seal the deal (it was kind of like the USA Hockey Team in the 1980 Olympics. Everybody remembers beating the Russians...nobody recalls that we had to beat Finland to get the gold medal aferwards).

I had to work that gorgeous Saturday afternoon (but the work was being done in my home office). I had the TV on next to my computer, and grew increasingly frustrated as the game wore on, spending more and more time glued to ABC and less time concentrating on my job.

I grew up on Woody Hayes and Earle Bruce, so when Krenzel dropped back to pass on 4th down, my heart skipped several beats as I freaked out. When Jenkins cradled the ball, I leapt so high into the air that I actually slammed my skull into the ceiling. I didn't feel any pain for hours, but the indentation in the ceiling remained.

So here's to you, Michael Jenkins. Today's your day. But tomorrow, you should help me fix that dent. I've been meaning to get to it.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bob Saget raped and killed a girl in 1990

Almost forgot to post Day's Andre Amos!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

AP has the Buckeyes at #2

The poll just was released. Georgia is #1, barely ahead of Ohio State.

Other Big-Ten teams ranked include Wisconsin (13), Illinois (20), and Penn State (22). The two schools from the state north of us got votes too, Michigan would be 32nd, MSU 35th.

USC is a close third. The case is currently laid out to place the winner between OSU and USC to vault into the #1 slot, with such a thin margin separating all three squads.

SEC brown-nosing continues with four teams in the Top 10.

It's Bobby Hoying Day!

14 days left!

Holy crap, there's only two more weeks until kickoff!

Today, on this special day, call the wife and kids into the room. Sit them down and calmly explain to them that the whole family should make plans for a nice day next Saturday. Make it a great weekend. Because it's the last fucking time they'll see you on a Saturday for 3 whole months. Maybe longer.

Friday, August 15, 2008

It's Mike Tomczak Day (also with update on my dad)

15 days until college football!

Mike Tomczak was so fast....("how fast was he?")......he was so fast that by the time we snapped this picture of him, he was GONE, leaving only his uniform behind (which was not nearly fast enough to keep up with him).

OK, an update on my dad. First, thanks for all your comments and e-mails. I appreciate it.

Dad's better. The cause of the effects he was feeling have been whittled down, and it looks as if he wasn't being given enough steroids to counter the swelling and leftover tumor fragments. As a result, he was confused and agitated. They're still doing tests, hoping to rule out any hematoma potential, and surgery might still be necessary. But for now, he recognizes everybody, knows the date and all the vitals, and seems happier.

We're not out of the woods yet, but at least we're no longer headed in the direction of Rustin Parr's house*.

I'll keep you updated. Til then, at least we can breathe a small sigh of relief.


* - Bonus points if you get that reference.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Needed - prayers and positive thoughts

Occasionally, I sneak in an entirely personal posting. This is another.

My father, the man who raised me to be a Buckeye fan, is in a hospital bed tonight and he's not doing well. Last Friday he had brain surgery to remove a tumor, his 9th one in the past 23 years (the tumors have always been benign, but they've always grown back).

Usually he has the operation, the family rallies around him, and he recovers after a few months of rehab and physical therapy. Yes, the toll of multiple surgeries has left him weakened and on several medications, but he's still fighting and is still one of the sweetest guys you could ever know.

Yesterday the doctors at University Hospital in Cleveland sent him down here to Canton (Mercy Medical Center) to begin rehab/therapy. But when he woke up from a nap in his new room, he wasn't the same person. He was confused, very paranoid, and downright angry about things which he could not properly explain.

In the middle of the night last night, he was transported back to University Hospital and they have begun more tests to figure out what is wrong. The diagnosis has gone from a hematoma to overmedication to "undecided". They don't know what's wrong. But in the meantime, my father is behaving as if he had a stroke, and my mother is a wreck, wondering what has happened to her husband. 24 hours ago, we were planning his return after a week of intense physical, we have no idea what the next moment will bring.

Many times, The BBC is cathartic to me. It gives me the opportunity to reach out to fellow sports fans and dig into what we love so much. Tonight, I wouldn't know where to begin writing about the Buckeyes or anything else.

Do me a favor? Whatever it is you do when you need a little help from above, do that for my dad tonight. A little positive energy might go a long way towards figuring out what's wrong, and fixing it....and that'd be nice to have now.



Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's Craig Krenzel Day!

Back in 2001, not too many Buckeye fans loved having Steve Bellisari as our quarterback. He was unpredictable and prone to turnovers. But his backups were not likely to make it big either, so we just had to gut it out until new coach Jim Tressel could get his own recruit in the system in the next couple of years.

9 days before the Michigan game of '01, Bellisari screwed up big time with a DUI. He was replaced as the starter (by Scott McMullen) for the Illinois game, but most people expected to see him start the always-important TTUN game.

However badly Tressel wanted to win the Michigan game, he did not want to do it by starting Bellisari, so fresh from his arrest. he gave the reins of the team to a very green QB named Craig Krenzel.

Krenzel didn't throw the ball much against UM (Jonathan Wells single-handedly crushed the Wolverines that day), but the experience he gained in beating Michigan 26-20 was enormous. It led to a much more confident signal-called behind center as we started 2002, and....well, you know the rest.

Craig Krenzel will never be known as a world-beating QB. But for fourteen glorious games, nobody in the world was able to beat him.

Here's to you, #16. Enjoy your day!